Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Mayamats Shrine (A Route for a Ball) is located in the southern section of the Gerudo Highlands, just southeast of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. Its coordinates are roughly -4632, -1518, 0452. Luckily, this TotK Shrine is located in plain sight and isn't hidden underground or in a cave or anything like that, so players should have no trouble reaching the puzzle room. Upon clearing the shrine, players will receive a Light of Blessing, which can be used at one of the Goddess Statues to increase Link's health or stamina.

mayamats shrine totk zelda location map

This guide will walk players through the tricky puzzle that the Mayamats Shrine offers, so let's get into it.

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TotK Mayamats Shrine Puzzle Solution

Upon entering the Mayamats Shrine, players will see a locked gate and a slot in the ground that fits a sphere. The goal of this shrine is to get a ball into that hole; however, a large ball won't fit into it --players will need to somehow get a small ball inside it.

Use Link's paraglider to soar across the chasm, using the gust of wind blowing out of a raised platform.


On the next platform, players will find a large metal ball atop a raised structure. Use the Ascend ability to reach it, then grab it using Ultrahand.


To reach the chest in this area, players can drop the ball on the ground in front of the treasure and then hop on it, as shown in the picture below. The chest contains a Large Zonai Charge that can be used to temporarily prevent a Zonai Energy Cell from losing power.


Now, to reach the higher platform above that has a gap, Zelda TotK players can pick up the large ball and place it right in the middle, as seen in the picture below. Once the ball is in place, players can use Ascend and go through the ball to reach the higher area to find a rail and a small ball that's rolling into an abyss.


The next part is sort of tricky, but essentially, players must use Ultrahand on the larger ball and bring it as close as possible to the smaller ball and then attach them together.


We've uploaded a video below showing the solution:

Head back to the lower platform where the large ball was found and place the pair of balls onto the grind rail to bring it down to the main area where the locked gate is. If the balls end up falling into the chasm, players can always use Recall, fly over to the other side, and then use Ultrahand to grab it safely.


Now, just unstick the little ball with Ultrahand (jiggle the right control stick) and put it into the glowing slot to open the gate to the end of the Mayamats Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for the Nintendo Switch.