In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Kyokugon Shrine is just one of the numerous shrines players will encounter in their adventures across Hyrule. To access this shrine, players must venture into one of Hyrule's many caves, exploring and uncovering the hidden shrine within.

Kyokugon Shrine Location in Tears of the Kingdom

To reach the shrine, head far south from Hyrule Field to coordinates -0834, -1486, 0027, north of the Forest of Spirits and Temple of Time Ruins. A quick way of reaching this area is to fast travel to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, which can be found at coordinates -0753, -1019, 0064.


Look for a cave entrance, on the northern cliff side of the wall, that's blocked by large orange rocks. Break through the two walls of orange rocks using an appropriate weapon or Bomb Flowers to access the Great Plateau Foothill Cave.


Once inside, eliminate the two Horriblins in the room, as they will throw rocks that can interrupt the progress of breaking through the wall. On the way, break through the blue stone wall on the right to defeat the Bubbulfrog and collect its Bubbul Gem.


Continue forward and break through the large black rock wall to discover Kyukugon Shrine.

Kyokugon Shrine Walkthrough (Alignment of the Circles)

Start by climbing the colossal staircase and enter the large room. The player will discover ten inactive ball pits positioned symmetrically around the room and two platforms with glowing orange balls, four in total.

Looking up at the ceiling, players will notice four highlighted green circles.


Use the Ultrahand to grab and place the balls into the corresponding pits directly below the green circles. Insert them into the pits located at the far left, front lower level right, middle left, and far left down the short staircase.

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Proceed to the last room of the shrine. The shrine's end statue is directly in front, and on the right side, there is a locked door leading to a room with a chest. Beside the door, there is a platform with a single ball.

Activate the Ultrahand, and it will highlight a square floor tile on the left side of the room. Lift the tile to reveal a ball pit. Pick up the ball next to the chest room door and place it into the hole.

The door to the chest room will open. Enter the room and collect the chest, which contains a Hearty Elixir. Head back into the main room and interact with the shrine to receive the Light of Blessing and complete the Kyokugon Shrine in TotK.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for the Nintendo Switch.