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Stables hold a significant role in the rich traditions of Hyrule, providing weary travelers with a place of respite and ensuring their beloved horses receive the care they deserve. In Tears of the Kingdom, Link can once again seek solace at stables to restore his health, tend to his horses, and even accumulate Pony Points, akin to a loyalty program for Hyrule's finest accommodations.

Among these stables, the Foothill Stable stands out as a highly beneficial establishment. It is one of two stables, the other being the South Akkala Stable, which are conveniently situated in the heart of three prominent regions: Eldin, Akkala, and Lanayru. Additionally, it is a destination for multiple side quests, so players will definitely want to stop by. Read on to discover the precise location of the Foothill Stable in Tears of the Kingdom.

Foothill Stable Location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Foothill Stable is one of 16 found scattered across Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This stable is located northeast of Central Hyrule, in the canyon at the foot of the Eldin Mountains, which is teeming with both lakes and, strangely, men in their underwear.

To reach the Foothill Stable, Link can fast travel to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower (2858, 0582, 0379) or Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower (1637, 1183, 0225), both of which are extremely close by. From either tower, Link can jump from the nearby cliffs and glide down to the stable, easily noticeable with its large horse-headed tower and the puffs of white smoke it emits.

If the player has not yet unlocked either of these sky towers, they can instead travel along the main road past the Lanayru Wetlands and head left for each of the two forks in the road on the way. They will pass through the Trilby Valley before reaching a trio of lakes with the Foothill Stable in the middle.

Things to Do at Foothill Stable in Tears of the Kingdom

After some much-deserved rest, Link can find a multitude of activities to engage in and around the Foothill Stable:

  • To the left of the stable, Link will discover the Foothill Stable Well, beckoning him to descend and explore a small cave housing two chests and two mineral veins.
  • At the crossroad leading up to the stable, at coordinates 2571, 1099, 0136, Link will find Addison holding up a sign honoring the venerable President Hudson.
  • Not far away on a nearby hill, at coordinates 2637, 1110, 0157, he'll find a stranded Korok desperately awaiting assistance to reunite with a companion.
  • Following a tunnel and up a nearby hill behind the Stable, Link will stumble upon the Kisinona Shrine at coordinates 2567, 1245, 0173, offering a convenient and swift means of travel back to the stable.
  • Finally, two side quests are linked to the Foothill Stable: "A Picture for Foothill Stable" and "For Our Princess!"

Quests at Foothill Stable in Tears of the Kingdom

“A Picture for Foothill Stable” is an extremely simple quest to complete, though it requires Link to travel to Goron City and take a photograph, so he must have the Purah Pad’s camera unlocked. Additionally, to take on this quest, Link must have completed at least one temple. Once he’s done so, the player should enter the stable building and interact with the large blank frame on its right wall. This will trigger a conversation with its proprietor, Ozunda, who will request a specific photo.

"For Our Princess!" is part of the lengthy “Potential Princess Sightings” side adventure series, in which Link gets involved with the local Hyrulean tabloid Lucky Clover Gazette. These side adventures require Link to travel to many of Hyrule’s stables and complete various tasks, many including combat, toward receiving the valuable Froggy Armor set.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.