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When players need to take a break from the story of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are plenty of things for them to do and places to discover all across Hyrule. While traditional dungeons have made their return in this sequel to the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild, Shrines are also in this game as well.

There are over 150 shrines for players to find and complete. Since completing shrines is how players can increase their health and stamina, any time spent on shrines is time well spent. Some shrines are more difficult to reach than others, and some cannot be easily reached until enough progress has been made in the story. This is the case for the Karahatag Shrine.

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How to Get to the Karahatag Shrine


In order to reach the Karahatag Shrine, Tears of the Kingdom players must go to the Gerudo Desert. The coordinates for the Karahatag Shrine are -3714, -3618, 0044. The tricky part about reaching this shrine is that it requires completion of the Lightning Temple first. Otherwise, the entire region is covered in an unending sandstorm that makes navigating through the desert next to impossible. Once the sandstorm is gone, however, players will have no trouble finding the shrine.

Karahatag Shrine Walkthrough


Once players have unlocked the fast travel point in front of the shrine, they will be able to go inside. At the start of the shrine, there will be a small fire with a torch on the ground next to it. Take the torch and light it. Throw the torch at the bottom of the floating platform to the left and the gate will open.

Shooting an arrow with a Fire Fruit attached is also a solution for this first puzzle. This first puzzle can also be skipped by using Ascend on the floating platform and then jumping over the gate.


Enter the next room and climb up the ladder. Before doing anything else, go toward the middle platform and look down. Use the paraglider to go underneath the platform and toward the right to reach an alcove that has a chest. The chest contains a Construct Bow. Use Ascend to return to the top of the platform.


Up ahead, players will see three floating platforms that are exactly the same as the one in the previous room. The difference however, is that there is no bottom part that can be lit with fire. There is also a switch on the ground that players can stand on that reveals a spot on the floating platforms that can be lit. Unfortunately players need to stay on the switch to keep the ignitable part of the platforms down.


To solve this puzzle, use Ultrahand to grab the small pillar with the flame. Take it toward the first floating platform immediately to the left and lift it into the hole. Put it down and go back to the switch. Use Recall while still on the switch to light the platform.

The platforms will remain lit, even after players step off of the switch. So don't worry about losing any progress.

This exact same set of steps works on the other two floating platforms as well, and once all three platforms are lit the door to the altar will open.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Nintendo Switch.