While the Boulder Breaker might look like a blunted-yet-useful shortsword in the hands of Yunobo, remember that Yunobo is a Goron and Goron make everything look small in comparison. In Link's hands, this Legendary Armament (which is, sadly, the worst of them all) is the largest of greatswords and is something that's still absolutely worth getting for fans of the two-handed weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.

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With that in mind, let's go over how exactly Tears of the Kingdom players are meant to find the required 'base' weapon for crafting the Boulder Breaker called the Cobble Crusher. Here are just a few methods for finding one of these 'swords' that are basically just slabs of metal forged for mining Ores and Diamonds.

How Regional Weapons Work

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Link Obtaining Each Regional Weapon Side By Side-1

Each Region of Hyrule is predominately occupied by a different race in Tears of the Kingdom. The Rito are in the Hebra Region, the Zora in the Lanayru Mountain range, the Gerudo in the Gerudo Desert, and the Goron in the Eldin Mountains. And, in each of these Regions Link will find their associated weapons and shields alongside other standard Material and weapon drops

The Rito have their Swallow Bows, the Zora have Zora Spears/Swords/Shields, and the Gerudo have their Shields and Scimitars. But for the Goron, it's the Cobble Crusher two-handed sword exclusively that they're known for. And, for some reason, the Cobble Crusher is also a weapon that looks silly no matter what it's combined with.

Cobble Crusher Methods & Where To Find It

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Yunobo Swinging Cobble Crusher

Now there are three methods for finding Regional weapons in Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. Given as Quest Rewards.
  2. Found in Chests.
  3. Looted from enemies in the Region or from Chests dropped by Like Likes.

Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, so let's go over each one in-depth

Rewarded From Quests Or From Using The Daruk Amiibo

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Image of Champion Daruk Zelda Amiibo Over Image Of Link With Cobble Crusher On Back

Oddly enough, the Cobble Crushers are the only real Regional weapons that don't seem to be offered anywhere as a Quest Reward. Players can get the Zora Spear just by clearing a bit of muck off a Zora near the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, but there's nothing like that for the Cobble Crusher.

Instead, the only real 'unique' option for getting a Cobble Crusher is getting one by using the Breath of the Wild Champion Daruk Amiibo.

From Specific Chests

This will be the primary way players find the Cobble Crusher in Tears of the Kingdom. Each Region has a method that seems to work better for it, like how farming enemies seems to work better for finding Zora Spears and Gerudo Scimitars/Shields but hunting for Treasure Chests seems to be the route to go for regarding Cobble Crushers and Swallow Bows. The image above has most of the known Cobble Crusher Chests marked, but let's list them out as well:

Chest #

Map Level




In between Pico Pond and the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. The Chest is in an Enemy Camp full of Bokoblins.



Just south of Goron City (grab a bit of Goron Spice on the way) and a bit west of the Goron Hot Springs in an Enemy Camp of Bokoblins.



In a Chest near the Mine Cart Track circling Death Mountain. From where the Track starts just above Gorko Lake follow it as it goes around the Mountain eastward, and keep following until Link encounters a Rock Octorok, look around nearby for the Chest with the Cobble Crusher inside and the enemies that should be surrounding it.



Death Mountain West Tunnel in a Chest buried a bit under the dirt in the second 'room'.



Down the cliffside a bit to the north of the lake shaped like a lizard (AKA the Lizards Burrow) near Death Caldera underneath some breakable rocks.



Southern Mine Cave behind a breakable rock near two random minecarts (also right near the Bubbulfrog).



In the Depths of the Death Mountain Chasm just north of where Chest 3 would be on the surface.



In an Enemy Camp on the northeast side of the underside of Death Mountain in the Depths of Death Mountain Chasm.

Looted From Defeated Enemies

And finally, players can also get Cobble Crushers from enemies in the Eldin Mountains area. Unlike other regions it's pretty rare to see a Moblin using a Cobble Crusher in some random camp, but anywhere with Fire Likes or just standard Like Likes in the Eldin Mountains are great spots as the Chests they drop can randomly contain a Cobble Crusher.

If players are farming these Like Likes for Cobble Crushers, the two best locations are the Death Mountain Foothill Cave and the Southern Mine Cave. If Link doesn't seem to be getting lucky with finding them in these Chests, remember that saving before opening the Chests and then reloading the save does re-roll what they'll contain.

Additionally, a reliable Cobble Crusher farm can be found in the hands of a Boss Bokoblin just south of the Missis Lightroot in the Depths under Death Mountain. Every Blood Moon this Bokoblin respawns with the Cobble Crusher, so it's a great reliable spot to grab it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now for the Nintendo Switch.