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Michael Ingram is a writer and a gamer whose first memories with video games come from being a four-year-old playing Sonic the Hedgehog on his brother's Sega Genesis and Pokemon Red on his Game Boy Color. He is a noted RPG buff whose lists some of his favorite franchises as Persona, Tales, and Fire Emblem. Alongside his lifelong love for video games, Michael is a passionate fan of anime, hockey, and card games, particularly Yu-Gi-Oh. Michael is also an avid hobby writer, regularly posting his fiction and a variety of others to his "lordtakuro" Twitter page.

genshin-impact-genius-invokation-tcg-3.8-buffs-characters 1
Genshin Impact Leak Reveals 3.8 Genius Invokation TCG Buffs

A new leak from Genshin Impact's Version 3.8 update reveals several buffs coming to Genius Invokation TCG, featuring several popular Character Cards.

honkai-star-rail-new-character-topaz-element-path-leak 1
Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Element, Class for Rumored Character Topaz

New leaks from Honkai: Star Rail reveal the element and Path for rumored five-star character Topaz, expected to debut in a future update.

overwatch-2-pride-blocked-certain-countries-lgbt-laws 1
Overwatch 2's Pride Event is Banned in Some Countries

Overwatch 2 reveals the game's upcoming Pride Month event will not be available in all countries, with the intent of protecting players.

honkai-star-rail-leaks-firefly-character-model 1
Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases New Character Firefly

A new leak from Honkai: Star Rail reveals the in-game model for an unannounced upcoming character referred to as Firefly.

honkai-star-rail-imbibitor-lunae-dan-heng-gameplay-leaks 1
Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases Five-Star Character Imbibitor Lunae's Gameplay

New leaks from Honkai: Star Rail are teasing the gameplay for rumored five-star character Imbibitor Lunae, introducing him as a DPS character.

honkai-star-rail-leak-21-characters-chart 1
Honkai: Star Rail Chart Leaks More Than 20 Upcoming Characters

A new leak from Honkai: Star Rail is hinting at more than 20 characters planned to be added to the roster, featuring elements, Paths, and rarities.

yugioh-master-duel-new-game-mode-s-force 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Adds New Game Mode with 2 Exclusive Cards

A new update to Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel introduces the game's newest Solo Mode story, featuring two exclusive cards as rewards.

zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-launches-link-depths-sky-islands 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Machine That Transports Them from Depths All the Way to the Sky Islands

A Tears of the Kingdom player crafts a unique device that launches Link upward out of the Depths, straight to the Sky Islands above.

genshin-impact-fontaine-4.0-story-leak 1
Genshin Impact Leak Teases Version 4.0 Story

A new leak from Genshin Impact is teasing elements of the story for Version 4.0, expected to bring the launch of the Fontaine region.

bethesda-trademark-monster-hunting-game-giant-monster-news 1
Bethesda Trademark Hints at Monster Hunting Game

A new trademark filed by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax may be hinting at a potential monster hunting game from the Elder Scrolls developer.

honkai-star-rail-leak-world-3-france-us-1800s 1
Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases Next In-Game World

New leaks from Honkai: Star Rail are teasing the game's next playable world, hinting at the potential theming of the game's 'World 3.'

honkai-star-rail-popular-game-mode-update-simulated-universe 1
Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 Leak Teases Update to Popular Game Mode

A new leak from Honkai: Star Rail reveals that one of its most popular game modes will be receiving a major update during Version 1.2.

yugioh-tcg-june-banlist-25-cards-kashtira-superheavy-samurai-purrely 1
Major Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Banlist Update Affects More Than 20 Cards

The newest update to the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game's Forbidden and Limited List takes aim at several powerful decks, affecting more than 20 cards.

genshin-impact-3.8-event-npc-character-leak-idyia 1
Genshin Impact Leak Reveals 3.8 Event NPC Idyia

A recent Genshin Impact leak reveals an event-exclusive NPC set to appear during the flagship event for the Version 3.8 update.

genshin-impact-leak-scrapped-qiqi-story-quest 1
Genshin Impact Leak Details Potentially Scrapped Qiqi Story Quest

A recent leak from Genshin Impact reveals details about the progression of a potentially scrapped Story Quest for Qiqi from the game's early days.

honkai-star-rail-1.1-special-program-new-characters-events 1
Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.1 Coming Next Month With 3 New Characters

Honkai: Star Rail reveals a plethora of content coming in the game's first post-launch update, including three new characters.

honkai-star-rail-free-star-rail-special-passes-version-1.1 1
Honkai: Star Rail Players Are Getting 10 Free Star Rail Passes in Version 1.1

Honkai: Star Rail reveals players will be able to claim 10 free Star Rail Special Passes throughout the duration of Version 1.1.

genshin-impact-leak-3.8-events 1
Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Version 3.8 Events

A new leak from Genshin Impact shares the full suite of events set to come to the game with the Version 3.8 update, expected to launch in July.

walmart-plus-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-free-subscription 1
Walmart+ Deal Lets You Get 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Free

A new perk for the Walmart+ subscription service is giving users two free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a limited time.

xbox-changing-certification-program-achievements-gamerscore 1
Xbox Changing Achievement Rules to Put an End to Easy Gamerscore Games

Xbox is making a major change to the rules for its achievement certification policy, looking to stem the flow of games offering easy gamerscore.

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