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Titan-sized Pokemon are causing trouble all throughout the Paldean region, and it's up to the players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to stop them. The second Titan players should try and hunt down is the Open Sky Titan, otherwise known as Bombirdier.

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However, finding and defeating this particular Titan can be a little tricky without some assistance. This guide will help Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players find and defeat the Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier.

How To Find The Open Sky Titan

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Sky Titan Map in game

Like the Stony Cliff Titan, Klawf, the Open Sky Titan is actually pretty simple to find. Players should open their Rotom Map and scroll over to the West Province, Area One side, where they will see a node showing where the Titan is lurking. After clicking on the node, an arrow will appear on the player's overworld compass, leading them toward the Titan. The Open Sky Titan is located at the very top of the mountain of Area One. As they get closer to the Titan, large boulders will start rolling down the mountain to try and deter them. Dodge the boulders and challenge the Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier.

How To Beat The Open Sky Titan Bombirdier

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Sky Titan Bombirdier in battle

The Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier, is a level 25 Flying and Dark-type Pokemon. This provides a variety of weaknesses to exploit to help make the fight a little easier. For starters, Flying-types are weak to Ice, Electric, and Rock-type moves, while Dark-types are weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type attacks. In this instance, Bombirdier is weak to Ice, Electric, Rock, and Fairy-type moves, as Flying resists Bug and Fighting.

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Like the Stony Cliff Titan, Bombirdier will begin phase 1 of the fight with simple attacks like a regular battle. With a proper type matchup, this first phase of the fight should be easy for most trainers. After enough damage is dealt, Bombirdier will retreat to a lower part of the mountain to begin phase 2.

Open Sky Titan Bombirdier Phase 2

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Sky Titan Phase 2 in battle

Phase 2 works the same way as the Stony Cliff Titan, where Bombirdier retreats, breaks a hole in the mountain, eats a piece of the Herba Mystica, and power up from it. Similarly, Arven will join the player in the fight, helping alleviate some of the stress from the fight. Overall, phase 2 works the same way as phase one, but Bombirdier has its health restored and an overall increase to all of its stats, so it'll be tougher to defeat this time. Push through the barrage of attacks, and players will successfully defeat the second Titan Pokemon.

Power-up Koraidon/Miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Koraidon Power Up after Sky Titan battle

After defeating the Titan, players will be rewarded with the Herba Mystica the Titan was snacking on before. Feed a piece of it to either Koraidon or Miraidon to enhance their movement abilities, like being able to swim as shown in the image above.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.