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Miraidon is the cover legendary of Pokemon Violet, and the Pokemon is available to catch eventually. Much like Pokemon Scarlet and Koraidon, the game technically offers up two cover legendaries to capture and battle with. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet break from Pokemon tradition by giving players a legendary right at the start of the game.

Though players can’t battle initially battle with Koraidon and Miraidon, instead using the Pokemon as a means of transportation, players do eventually have the ability to add the Pokemon to their party. Not only can players put their improvised motorcycle into their party, but there is also the ability to catch another Miraidon that can be traded or added to battle parties. Players will definitely want to catch a second Miraidon to get the most out of this unique Pokemon.

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Can You Battle with Miraidon in Pokemon Violet?

Players can battle with their Miraidon companion in Pokemon Violet after completing the main story. The game’s final mission is entitled “The Way Home” and it tasks players to go to the bottom of the Great Crater of Paldea.

miraidon battle form menu option pokemon violet

After completing this mission, players are able to activate their rideable Miraidon and add it to their party. This is done by opening up the main menu, going left to the party Pokemon, and then hitting down until Miraidon is selected. Hit A and it will give players the ability to put Miraidon into its battle form. In its battle form, Miraidon is added to the party and can be used in battles, but there are numerous caveats to this.

Miraidon is instantly removed from the party and taken out of its battle form as soon as the player uses it for transportation. Additionally, this Miradon cannot be traded and is therefore unable to be added to battle teams.

The good news is that there is another Miraidon that can be caught. After completing The Way Home, players can return to the bottom of the Great Crater of Paldea. Behind the large crystal formation at the bottom, players can find a rocky ramp that leads up to a crystal formation. A wild Miraidon can be found and captured.

This Miraidon functions the same as any other Pokemon, and can be captured, boxed, and traded normally. While players can technically catch two Miradon in Pokemon Violet, players ought to be careful with this Miraidon as they cannot catch another.

Can You Get Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet?

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Miraidon can only be obtained in Pokemon Scarlet by trading with a Pokemon Violet player. Koraidon is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet while Miraidon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet. Unfortunately, the legendaries have not been made available in raids, so the only option there is for Pokemon Scarlet players to get the electric-dragon Pokemon is to trade.

It’s possible that the two will be made available via some other event in the future. In 2021, shiny Zacian and Zamazenta were made available in an exclusive distribution event for Pokemon Sword & Shield where Shield’s Zamazenta could be obtained in Sword while Sword’s Zacian was distributed to Shield players. It’s possible a similar event could happen for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet but there’s no way to guess when that could occur.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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