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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have version-exclusive Pokemon, ranging from the Legendary ones down to the newly introduced Paradox Pokemon. Paradox Pokemon can either be ancient or futuristic versions of preexisting Pokemon. A prime example would be Flutter Mane, the ancient Paradox form of a Misdreavus found in Pokemon Scarlet. It's one of sixteen total Paradox Pokemon currently across both games, with the possbility of more being added in the future.

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However, players need clarification on how to get this elusive Paradox Pokemon, as it doesn't appear in the same fashion as the others do. This guide will help Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players find and capture Flutter Mane.

How To Find Flutter Mane In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Research Station 4 screenshot from Area Zero

Like other Paradox Pokemon, Flutter Mane can only be obtained in the post-game of Pokemon Scarlet. After defeating the game's final boss, players can head back to Area Zero, where they can freely explore it in full. However, unlike the other Paradox Pokemon, there is one key difference in how to find Flutter Mane. That difference being Flutter Mane can only be found at night in Area Zero.

However, because Area Zero is a separate space within the game, players cannot tell when night has fallen. Unfortunately, the day and night cycle cannot be changed either, so players must wait until the 72-minute cycle eventually turns to night. However, the unique benefit is Flutter Mane can spawn on all levels of Area Zero while it is night.

Once it turns to night, players can make their way down to Research Station No.4, where the highest spawn chance for a Flutter Mane lies. Specifically, they look around the facility itself's easy to spawn Pokemon back and forth in that area. When a Flutter Mane is eventually found, it's time to battle it.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Flutter Mane Area Zero Crystal Cave

How To Catch Flutter Mane

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Flutter Mane Battle

Flutter Mane is a Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon who is only weak to Ghost and Steel-type moves. However, using super effective moves will not be in the player's best interest, as the point is to capture, not defeat it. Like most Pokemon battles, weakening it will be the best course of action until its health reaches the red zone so that the capture percentage can skyrocket.

However, players can further increase Flutter Mane's capture rate by two methods. First, either paralyze or put Flutter Mane to sleep, as Pokemon inflicted with a status ailment will increase their capture chance. Finally, if the player is attempting to catch it in the Crystal Cave like shown in the image above, then using a Dusk Ball will virtually guarantee the capture, as Dusk Balls grant higher capture rates when used at night or in caves. Using these methods, players should have no problem finding and capturing Flutter Mane/Paradox Misdreavus in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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