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If players have caught themselves a Charizard following the recent 7-star Tera raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they may be wondering what to do to get themselves a few Pokemon eggs to give to their friends to train one themselves from the start or to hunt for shiny Charizard. No matter the reason, here is how players can breed themselves a Charizard.

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Complete the 7-Star Raid

7 Star Raid

The first step players will want to take to breed Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be to complete the 7-star event Charizard raid. To accomplish this difficult task, players will have likely had to team up with others as well as capture a powerful Fairy or Ice type Pokemon, as these Pokemon will be most capable of dealing with powerful dragon types like the event Charizard. Once players are able to defeat and catch this Charizard, step two will be to acquire a compatible Pokemon to breed with.

Breeding a Female Charizard

Charizard belongs to the monster and dragon egg groups, so if players have been lucky enough to catch a female Charizard, then all they will need is a male Pokemon that belongs to either group and have a picnic with them. Players should remove every Pokemon from their party except the Charizard and the compatible Pokemon and make any sandwich that provides the Egg Power meal effect.

Charmander hatch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once this is done and players have fed their two Pokemon, it is just a matter of walking around while checking on the basket by the picnic table until players have received as many eggs as they wish. After walking around with them for a time, the eggs will hatch into a Charmander, as eggs are always the same species as the mother Pokemon.

Breeding a Male Charizard

In the more likely event that players have caught a male Charizard, they can catch themselves a Ditto in order to breed a Charizard. Ditto can be found in the West Province, both in area two and area three, by Medali, Cascarrafa, and Porto Marinada.

Ditto Location (2)

Ditto will take the form of other Pokemon in the region, but players can check their map by pressing the Y button, as Ditto will still be visible on the map. Players can also lock onto suspected any Pokemon they suspect to be a Ditto by pressing the ZL button and checking its name and behavior.

Hidden Ditto

After players have caught a Ditto, they should remove any Pokemon from their party except for their Charizard and the Ditto or other compatible Pokemon. Players should make a Jam sandwich at their picnic and then continue to check the basket at the end of the picnic table until one or more eggs are found. Once these eggs are found, players only need to walk around with the eggs until they hatch into a Charmander.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are out for the Nintendo Switch right now.

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