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ps plus premium trial long running series 1
PS Plus Premium Adds Trial for Latest Release in Long-Running Franchise

PlayStation Plus Premium members can now download a time-limited game trial for the latest release in a long-running franchise.

elden ring malenia rubber band 1
Elden Ring Player Uses Ridiculous Rubber Band Trick to Fight Malenia

Elden Ring fans have fought Malenia in interesting ways in the past, but one gamer uses a unique method involving a rubber band in this battle.

redfall drops out of most played games on xbox 1
Redfall Drops Out of Xbox's Top 50 Most-Played Games and It's Not Even a Month Old Yet

Redfall came out less than a month ago, and it has already dropped from a list showing the most-played games on Xbox consoles.

steam-logo 1
PC Gamers Have Limited Time to Claim Steam Game for Free

PC users can get another game for free on Steam, but they have limited time to add it to their accounts as the offer expires soon.

ps plus on sale days of play 1
PS Plus Subscriptions Will Be Available at Discounted Rates During New Sale

PlayStation fans will soon be able to get PS Plus subscriptions at discounted rates, as Sony announces a new sale event for 2023.

elden ring method for defeating abductor virgins 1
Elden Ring Player Shares Helpful Method for Defeating Abductor Virgins

Abductor Virgins in Elden Ring can be annoying to deal with, but one player shares a method that can help in easily defeating these enemies.

assassins creed mirage real gambling 1
Assassin's Creed Mirage 'Real Gambling' Rumors Rear Their Head Again

Updated information maintains that Assassin's Creed Mirage will include real gambling despite Ubisoft denying earlier reports.

naughty dog new single player game 1
Naughty Dog Confirms New Single-Player Game in Development

After being absent from the PlayStation Showcase presentation, Naughty Dog confirms that it's working on a new single-player game.

honkai star rail on steam deck 1
This is Why You Shouldn't Play Honkai: Star Rail on Steam Deck

While users can play a huge variety of games on the Steam Deck, they may not want to run Honkai: Star Rail on Valve's handheld.

lucky elden ring player survives chariot encounter 1
Lucky Elden Ring Player Miraculously Survives Encounter with Chariot

Elden Ring is filled with enemies that can easily kill players, but one lucky gamer miraculously survives an encounter with a Chariot.

playstation project q release date rumor 1
Rumor: PlayStation Handheld Project Q Release Date Revealed

A leak reveals the release date of Project Q, the new PlayStation handheld device that allows fans to play games via Remote Play.

Elden Ring Guide  Elden Beast Remembrance 1
Elden Ring Player Takes 15 Hours to Beat Final Boss

An Elden Ring player takes over 15 hours to beat the final boss, as they finish the game in perhaps the most ridiculous way possible.

genshin impact 3.7 quality of life feature 1
Genshin Impact Update 3.7 Confirms Huge Quality of Life Improvement

Update 3.7 for Genshin Impact confirms a huge quality-of-life change that will make one aspect of the game more user-friendly.

ps plus extra and premium number of susbcribers 1
PS Plus Extra and Premium Subscriber Numbers are Surprising

Sony reveals the total number of PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers, confirming that a surprising number of users upgraded to these tiers.

final fantasy 16 good news launch plans 1
Final Fantasy 16 Launch Plan Is Good News for Fans

Final Fantasy 16 shares some good news regarding its launch plans ahead of its scheduled release in June 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

elden ring nights cavalry fight character torrent 1
Clever Elden Ring Trick Makes Night's Cavalry Boss Incredibly Easy

Elden Ring players will encounter Night's Cavalry bosses throughout the game, and one fan shares a clever trick for defeating them.

genshin impact yoimiya story quest unlock requirements 1
Genshin Impact Reveals Quests Players Need to Complete Before Unlocking Yoimiya's Second Story Quest

Yoimiya gets a new story quest in update 3.7 of Genshin Impact, but players will need to complete some other quests to unlock it.

skyrim helgen unexpected discovery 1
Skyrim Player Makes Unexpected Discovery After Returning to Helgen

Helgen plays a key role in the story of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and one fan makes an unexpected discovery after returning to this town.

draconic-tree-sentinel-on-horse 1
Elden Ring Players Won't Stop Bullying the Draconic Tree Sentinel

Elden Ring players continue to bully the Draconic Tree Sentinel, as several users post videos of how they destroyed this enemy in new ways.

skyrim worst area 1
These Are the Worst Areas in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is filled with many beautiful regions, but some fans have a discussion on the worst locations in the game.

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