Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a nice mix of past and new-generation Pokemon. Of course, Water is the most common type in Pokemon, so it is no surprise that many classics made it into the game. One of which is the Wing Fish Pokemon, Finneon. Finneon is a pink and blue fish whose tail fin looks like butterfly wings. It is a more docile breed in the wild that will run away from trainers when spooked.

Finneon's evolved form, Lumineon, is majestic with large flowing fins and dark blue scales and makes a fine addition to teams that like to collect fish Pokemon. Both Pokemon's territory is small, but they are found in abundance and often travel in groups, so there are plenty of chances to catch one. Let's review where players can discover Finneon and how to evolve it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Where To Find Finneon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Finneon

Paldea, while vast, is an island surrounded by oceans with many rivers and lakes scattered further throughout the land. Finneon is a marine Pokemon, so it lives strictly in the ocean. Players would do well to ensure their legendary Pokemon Koraidon or Miraidon can swim to make hunting for one easier. This happens after beating the Open Sky Titan during Arvan's Herba Mystica trials. The Open Sky Titan is a giant Bombirdier, and trainers can select their Pokemon accordingly to make defeating it easier. To swim, ride on Koraidon/Miraidon, and they will automatically travel across the Water when on it.

Finneon can be found in the following regions:

  • West Paldean Sea
  • North Paldean Sea

The best way to catch Finneon is to either inflict it with a status condition like Paralysis, Freezing, or Sleep and then throw something like a Net Ball or Dive Ball. If trainers want to lower its HP first, a move like False Swipe would be perfect for knocking it to 1 HP and keeping it there so that its catch rate increases significantly.

What Level Does Finneon Evolve

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Finneon

Finneon evolves into Lumineon at level 31. Taking on strong trainers and wild Pokemon is a fast way to increase EXP, especially with EXP Sharing being turned on. Some Gym Challenges are easy to grind out battles with higher-level Pokemon with Gym Tests, and Gym Leader challenges are guaranteed at each one. Team Star Hideouts are another reliable battle opportunity that also progresses the storyline.

An easier route may be taking on Tera Raid battles to earn EXP items that will increase Pokemon levels when consumed. This means Finneon won't even have to enter the battlefield to reach the needed level to evolve. However, if grinding out levels is the goal, players should consider Auto-Battles. Pokemon can independently fight other Pokemon and earn EXP, but they will not evolve from this method.

More Information on Lumineon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Lumineon

Lumineon is known as the Neon Pokemon and has a rather striking appearance. They stay further under the water's surface and often travel with a school of Finneon. They are prone to darting in the wild, so approaching one must be done with caution.

On the battlefield, they work well with Rain because of their ability Swift Swim which increases their Speed stat for the duration of the weather. Lumineon's second ability, Storm Drain, will focus all Water-type hits onto it and raises its Sp. Atk, making it fantastic in double battles. Lumineon's best moves include Water Pulse and Chilling Water. Chilling Water is a new move from Generation 9 that hits the target with freezing water that damages it and lowers its Attack.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.