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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet contain an assortment of Pokemon from each generation. Among them are the adorable Unovan polar bear Cubchoo and its evolution, Beartic.

Ice was one of the most-talked-about types in the buildup to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The introduction of Terastallizing Pokemon allows ice types to retain or amplify their offensive potential while shedding the defensive liability of the ice typing.

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That offers some interesting possibilities for a Pokemon like Beartic. Here’s how Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can find Cubchoo and how to evolve it into Beartic.

Where to Catch Cubchoo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cubchoo can be found as a common spawn in the Glaseado Mountains and surrounding areas. This includes the Dalizapa Passage, the Pokemon Center that lies north of the Great Crater of Paldea, between Zapapico and Medali with its normal-type gym leader, Larry.

The Pokemon can camouflage into the Glaseado Mountains to some degree, but isn’t hard to find due to the sheer size of the area it spawns in. Here is the Pokedex Habitat page for Cubchoo:

cubchoo habitat

How to Evolve Cubchoo into Beartic

Players can evolve Cubchoo into Beartic by raising it to level 37. There are no extra steps that need to be taken, as this Unovan Pokemon evolves simply on levels and does not require a specific move or item to evolve.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players who aren’t particularly committed to adding Beartic into their party don’t necessarily need to worry about evolving a Cubchoo, though. Beartic can also be found on its own throughout much of the Glaseado Mountains, including fixed spawns south of ice-type gym leader Grusha and north of Montenevera.

beartic habitat

Is Beartic a Good Pokemon?

Beartic is a solid addition to players’ teams in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet story and may find a home in ranked play. It’s not an ideal option for most five or six-star Tera Raid battles, however.

Beartic has decent bulk, a very high 130 base attack stat, and access to powerful physical moves Close Combat, Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Play Rough. That makes it a solid option for many story teams, but Beartic could have some use beyond that.

A fairly low 50 base speed stat is serviceable in Trick Room teams for ranked battling. With its high offensive potential, Beartic could be a solid Terastallizing option for some teams.

The one area where Beartic struggles terribly is in high-level Tera Raid battles. The Pokemon’s ice typing is a liability there without the ability to instantly Terastalize. Just as bad, its best physical ice-type move is Icicle Crash, which only has 90% accuracy and 85 damage. That means that players may regularly struggle to even mount up the charges to Terastalize before getting knocked out at least once.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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