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It's impossible to not create a special connection with the Pokemon that tag along as part of the player's party throughout a playthrough of the game. Not long after choosing the starter in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players will be given the ability to catch wild Pokemon.

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Ralts is one of the first Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet since it's right in one the first areas of the Paldea region that the players get to explore freely. It's not unusual for players to take the Pokemon they catch early on along with the throughout the rest of their journey. This guide will show players how they can evolve their Ralts.

How To Evolve Ralts And Kirlia

ralts pokedex entry in pokemon scarlet and violet

Ralts can be found in the wild right in South Province (Area One), next to the first Pokemon Center that the player encounters at Los Platos when starting to explore the Paldea region.

Players that have caught a Ralts early on in the game will be wondering when their Ralts will evolve. Ralts evolves into Kirlia once it gets to level 20. The best way to level up quickly in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is to do some Tera Raid battles to get Exp. Candies and then give them to Ralts.

Kirlia then has two possible evolutions which depend on its gender and way of evolving it. Once Kirlia gets to level 30 - just ten levels after evolving from a Ralts - it will evolve into Gardevoir. But it can also evolve into Gallade. Kirlia will turn into Gallade if it's male and it's given a Dawn Stone, either before level 30 or after level 30 if the player cancels the process mid-evolution.

Gardevoir Vs Gallade

Gardevoir is a Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokemon while Gallade is a Psychic- and Fighting-type Pokemon; they've both got the same base stats, except for their Sp. Atk and Attack stats which are inverted. Gardevoir excels with its 125 Sp. Atk stat but it's got a weak 65 Attack stat, whereas Gallade has an intimidating 125 Attack stat and a weaker 65 Sp. Atk stat.

This is due to their type differences. Fairy-type moves tend to either be Status or Special moves and the majority of Fighting-type moves are Physical attacks. This makes it much more interesting to decide what to do with a Ralts before evolving it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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