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Glimmet and its evolution, Glimmora, are some of the most interesting new Pokemon added in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The new Pokemon is interesting on a number of different fronts with a rare typing, unique ability, and generally good stats.

Glimmora is arguably the signature Pokemon of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s top trainer, giving it a special place in the game. The flowery Pokemon is the strongest one belonging to Top Champion Geeta, and many players have had their push through the Victory Road questline halted by it.

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Naturally, that has many players who want to track down a Glimmet and Glimmora so they can add it to their own lineup. Here is where to catch Glimmet in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, how to evolve it into Glimmora, and what to do with it after.

How to Catch Glimmet

Glimmet can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet after visiting one of its many habitats across Paldea. Glimmet can be found in the Alfornada Cavern in the southwest, East Province Area Three, Glaseado Mountain, North Province Areas One and Two, West Province Area Two, and in Area Zero. A full list of Glimmet’s habitats can be seen here:

pokemon scarlet violet glimmet habitat page

Glimmet has an uncommon habitat. While other Pokemon have one or two large areas where they are available, Glimmet is available across a series of smaller habitats. Because Glimmet is only available in a number of smaller regions, players can easily miss out on catching one at lower levels. The good news is that players can easily and consistently find them in Area Zero after completing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s final mission.

How to Evolve Glimmet into Glimmora in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players can evolve Glimmet into Glimmora by raising it to level 35. Evolution will trigger each time the Pokemon levels up after that point. There are no other preconditions and the Pokemon doesn’t need to know any specific moves and requires no items.

Players don’t necessarily need to add a Glimmet to their party in order to get a Glimmora, though. Glimmora is a common spawn at the bottom of Area Zero near the final battle of the game’s main story. The Pokemon can be found alongside the many different Paradox Pokemon in this area, oftentimes clinging to walls while looking like a flower. It also has a chance of appearing in five and six-star Tera Raid battles.

Is Glimmora a Good Pokemon?

Glimmora has the potential to be a good Pokemon in the story mode and certain raids, but isn’t ideal in ranked battling or as a go-to Pokemon for Tera Raids. This largely boils down to the Pokemon’s typing and its ability.


Glimmora’s Toxic Debris ability lets it passively use the Toxic Spikes move, which poisons opposing Pokemon if they switch in. While this sounds nice, it’s effectively useless in Tera Raid battles as there is no switching Pokemon for the raid boss. Glimmora’s bulk and high Sp. Attack stat makes it viable in certain raids, but it isn’t a go-to option like an Azumarill with Belly Drum.

In trainer battles, Glimmora’s rock poison typing is basically a non-starter. The double weakness to ground-type moves makes it particularly susceptible to the move Earthquake, one of the most common physical moves in the game.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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