In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Patience Lightsaber is a compact sword made up of four components: Emitter, Switch, Pommel, and Grip. The first piece of the saber can be found early in the game while exploring the planet Coruscant during the introduction. However, players must wait until they unlock the second planet, Koboh, to get the full set. To assist Jedi: Survivor players in obtaining the Patience Lightsaber, this guide reveals the locations of all four chests on Coruscant and Koboh and explains how to access them.

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How to Get the Patience Lightsaber

To get the full Lightsaber set, players will need to loot the hidden chests on Coruscant, then proceed to Chapter 2 and get the last piece on Koboh. Out of all four chests containing the Patience Lightsaber parts, three can be found in the Rooftop area and Renovation Site 4733. The last piece, however, is in the lake near the Foothill Falls.

The Patience Emitter

image showing where to find patience lightsaber emitter in star wars jedi survivor.

The Emitter for the Patience Lightsaber is among the first collectibles players get on Coruscant. It is in the chest south of the Rooftop meditation point. The chest is behind a locked door that Cal must open with the Force push.

The Patience Switch

image showing where to find patience lightsaber switch in star wars jedi survivor.

While exploring the Rooftop area in Chapter 1, players can find the Switch for the Patience Lightsaber behind the giant gate in the room full of steam pipes. The gate requires Cal’s Force push to open.

The Patience Grip

image showing where to find patience lightsaber grip in star wars jedi survivor.

To get the Patience’s Switch component, players will need to wall-run on the billboards of the Rooftop area. After crossing the first billboard, they should turn around and wall-run on the second row of billboards toward the concealed region at the rear. This is where they can find the hidden chest.

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The Patience Pommel

image showing where to find patience lightsaber pommel in star wars jedi survivor.

The last component of the Patience Lightsaber, the Pommel, is easy to find. Once Cal is on planet Koboh, players will need to locate the Foothill Fall area near the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. From there, they must jump into the lake and loot the chest at its bottom.

The Foothill Falls is the same area where players recruit Skoova.

How to Equip the Patience Lightsaber

Star Wars jedi survivor lightsaber customization

Like all other Lightsabers, Patience comes in separate parts that players must equip on a workbench. So, to assemble the complete set, find the nearest customization desk and replace all four components of Cal’s current saber with Patience components.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.