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The Paldea region is the world players will explore on their journey in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. And like every new mainline Pokemon game, there are dozens of new Pokemon to catch and train, and Lechonk is one of those never-before-seen Pokemon.

How do you Catch Lechonk?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players should have no issues finding a Lechonk out in the wild --it can be caught in the first few minutes of the game. As soon as players start their first wild battle with Nemona by their side, the Pokemon they'll fight against is a Lechonk in an area called Poco Path. If players missed out on catching it with a Poke Ball, they should be able to find another Lechonk in the same area.

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lechonk location pokemon scarlet violet paldea

The image above shows the general habitat of Lechonk in the Paldea region. The Normal-type Hog Pokemon can mostly be found in the southern and southwestern areas.

What Level Does Lechonk Evolve?

Those planning on using Lechonk on their team will be happy to know that it evolves into Oinkologne at level 18. By having Pokemon in the party, they will earn experience regardless of being in the battle. Once Lechonk hits level 18, it'll transform automatically once the battle ends.

lechonk battle pokemon scarlet violet

Who's Oinkologne?

Oinkologne is also a Normal-type Pokemon and is basically just a bigger version of Lechonk with little to no differences. However, the male and female versions of Oinkologne differ in color, with the male having a dark grayish color and the female having more brown coloration. Players can see the two different ones below (male on the left, female on the right):

pokemon scarlet violet Oinkologne lechonk

What Moves Can Oinkologne Learn?

Oinkologne is a Pokemon that is good for focusing on dishing out tons of damage during a Pokemon battle. While it is just a Normal-type Pokemon, there are some great moves that Oinkologne can learn by leveling up. Remember, to get full damage potential for moves, make sure to use moves that are the same type as the Pokemon. In this case, it's best to have Normal-type moves for Oinkologne when possible.

Some recommended learned moves for Oinkologne are:

  • Yawn (learned level 23)
  • Work Up (learned at level 30)
  • Double Edge (learned at level 39)
  • Earth Power (learned at level 45

As far as Oinkologne's weakness goes, there's not much to worry about. It's only weak to fighting-type moves, and it's resistant to Ghost-type moves.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.