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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adds Maschiff and its evolutionary successor, Mabosstiff, to the Paldean Pokedex for Generation 9. At the beginning of the game Maschiff is easily spotted, and trainers may decide to have one along for at least some of the journey ahead.

Maschiff is an adorable addition to the tradition of preliminary, common puppy Pokemon that includes Fidough, Lillipup, Yamper, Rockruff, and Growlithe through the various regions. But it is Maschiff's cute scowl, which it puts on to scare its foes, that instead draws nearby children who can't help but laugh. Maschiff's short-legged design, with its golden tufts of hair, velvet-brown muzzle, and its triangle-button nose, makes it hard to pass up in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here's how to catch it and evolve it into its stronger form.

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Maschiff's Evolution into Mabosstiff

Mabosstiff Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Maschiff retains its Dark typing when it evolves into its more dignified form, Mabosstiff, at level 32. Maschiff evolves naturally through leveling, so trainers may choose to fight with it in battle, or use Rare Candies and EXP Candies to get the job done quickly. Either way, Mabosstiff turns into a powerhouse even without taking growth supplements. Mabsstiff learns indispensable dark moves such as Crunch, Dark Pulse, and even the Dragon-type move, Outrage.

Mabosstiff particularly is a solid addition to any trainer's team. Its base stats are significantly higher than those of the vast majority, but it's brute force where this Pokemon really shines. Mabosstiff's physical attacks hit the competition hard enough to knock many out in one turn. The following table outlines Mabostiff's stats at their base level:




Special Attack

Special Defense



Mabosstiff's Base Stats








Catching & Battle Tips: Habitat, Best Moves Best Nature

Maschiff Habitat Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Where To Find Mastiff

Players can find Maschiff commonly in Areas Two and Four of the South Province, or Two and Three of the West Province. If it happens to be an excellent day, trainers may even happen upon a Shiny Maschiff. If this happens with Maschiff's best nature, the chances would be next to nothing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but a shiny Pokemon is always worth keeping.

How To Battle With Mabostiff

Mabosstiff's Dark typing makes its STAB moves super-effective against Psychic and Ghost types. That means when it's time to face the Montenevera or Alfornada gyms, a Dark-type Pokemon like Mabosstiff will be especially useful. Dark types are weak against Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-type moves, so try to switch it out for these battles. Alternatively, trainers may experiment with TMs for moves that would be effective against the Pokemon Mabosstiff would be weak against: Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-type Pokemon. Try going for a Fire-type move, like Fire Fang.

Mabostiff's Best Nature

If trainers want an extra fighting edge, they can try to find a Machiff that has an ideal nature. Adamant and Naughty natures will provide a natural boost to Mabosstiff's highest bast stat, Attack, making the Mabosstiff the best it can be. The following natures each increase Attack by 10%, though bear in mind that they each decrease a certain stat as well:


Increased Stat

Decreased Stat









Special Attack



Special Defense

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.