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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have added many Pokemon to the National Pokedex. Players can search the vast Paldea region to discover all their new potential Pokemon teammates. Some players may already have Pokemon in mind, as we were introduced to a few pre-launch, including the new Poison/Normal-type Grafaiai.

Grafaiai is the second and final evolution line of Shroodle. Shroodle is referred to as the toxic mouse Pokemon, which looks vaguely like a computer mouse with teeth. Its small size makes it easy to look past in the wild areas. Still, Shroodles are all over Paldea and can be found relatively easily. Although Grafaiai seems vastly different from its predecessor, finding Shroodle puts players one step closer to obtaining one. Here is how to get Shroodle and evolve it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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How to Find Shroodle

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shroodle Location

Shroodle can be found early on in the game and is in almost every region. Shroodle hangs out around trees a lot, and the wild areas on the outskirts of towns will most likely be home to at least one. At night it is harder to spot due to its dark color scheme and small size, but its laid-back temperament means it won't run from trainers on sight. Shroodle isn't going to put up too much of a fight but watch out for its Poisonous abilities.

The following areas are Shroodle's specific territories:

  • West Province (Area Three)
  • Tagtree Thicket
  • East Province (Area One) by the coast
  • East Province (Area Two) by the rivers

What Level Does Shroodle Evolve Into Grafaiai

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Grafaiai

Evolving Shroodle will take a bit of time, depending on when it is found in the game. Shroodle evolves into Grafaiai at level 28. Fighting wild Pokemon, hitting Tera Raid battles, the Pokemon League challenge, and Team Star hideouts are easy ways to increase Shroodle's level. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has automatic Experience Point (EXP) sharing, so every Pokemon in the party is getting stronger even if it doesn't battle. While Pokemon don't gain EXP from Tera Raid battles, they will get items like Exp. Candy or Rare Candy, which increases EXP when eaten.

Be careful to watch for obedience levels when raising Shroodle. As trainers get Gym badges, they can work with Pokemon at higher levels successfully, but if they don't have the Gym badge, there is a chance their Pokemon will not listen to them in battle. Shroodle will reach level 28 in no time and then get the opportunity to evolve into Grafaiai.

Shroodle and Grafaiai Stats and Moves

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Grafaiai Stats

Shroodle and Grafaiai have decent stats and dual Poison/Normal-typing provides them with an extensive movepool. They are immune to Ghost-types and resistant to Poison, Bug, Grass, and Fairy-type Pokemon. Their weaknesses include Ground and Psychic Pokemon. Of course, Grafaiai has higher total stats than Shroodle, but the foundation starts with the latter highlighting Speed as the highest stat.

The following charts outline Shroodle and Grafaiai's stats::



40 HP

63 HP

65 Attack

95 Attack

35 Defense

65 Defense

40 Sp. Atk

80 Sp. Atk

35 Sp. Def

72 Sp. Def

75 Speed

110 Speed

290 Total

485 Total

Due to their high Speed and Attack stats, Shroodle and Grafaiai can run offensive or supportive sets. Their same type attack bonus (STAB) options include Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Sludge Bomb, and Slash, most of which have a chance of Poisoning the target. Its supportive options benefit its team with moves like Baton Pass and U-turn at its disposal. Baton Pass will call in the user and shift all status conditions and temporary stat changes to the Pokemon that replaces it in battle. U-turn also switches the user out, but it deals damage first.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.