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One of the best parts about getting a new Pokemon generation is discovering all the Pokemon native to the region. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet doesn't disappoint with 107 Pokemon introduced in Generation 9, and some have very familiar designs. For example, Wiglett is an entirely different Pokemon that takes after Diglett.

Wiglett not being a regional form of Diglett stirred up some controversy when it was first announced ahead of launch, but the Water-type Pokemon makes a name for itself. It has a long white snake-like body, but it mainly keeps only its head above ground hence the similarity to the Ground-type Pokemon. Wiglett is a bit of an elusive Pokemon in the wild, so players will need to keep their eyes peeled to get ahold of one. Once they do, they can evolve it into its following form, Wugtrio. Here's where players can find Wiglett and how to evolve it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Where To Find Wiglett

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wiglett Location

Since Wiglett is a Water-type it typically hangs out around the ocean in Paldea. Exploring the coastlines is a sure way to locate them, as beaches are Wiglett's preferred camping ground, but if seen, they will burrow themselves completely underneath the sand. Whenever Wiglett is underground trainers can not interact with it. Sneaking up on it and catching it off guard is the best way to engage it in battle. Water-types are weak to Grass and Electric-type Pokemon, so either can make quick work of getting its HP down. Be careful not to KO it before getting the chance to throw a Pokeball. The move False Swipe is the perfect way to do this because it will leave the target with 1 HP if it would usually make them faint.

Wiglett can be found in the following regions:

  • East Province (Area Two)
  • South Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Six)
  • Port Marinada

What Level Does Wiglett Evolve into Wugtrio

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wugtrio

Wiglett evolves into Wugtrio at level 26. Pokemon evolve as they gain experience points (EXP) and level up. The best way to make this happen is to have Pokemon battles with trainers or wild Pokemon. If the opponent's level is higher, then Pokemon will gain even more EXP. EXP sharing is an automatic feature in Gen 9 so Wiglett can sit back cozy in the party to get stronger. When it does evolve, Wugtrio appears as three eel-like creatures coming out of a rock, and unlike Wiglett it is a bright red color.

Trainers can also use items to increase levels rather than Pokemon battles—for example, Exp. Candy and Rare Candy are rare edible items that increase EXP when consumed. While exploring Paldea, players will notice tiny sparkles and glowing red Pokeballs on the ground that are actually dropped items or berries. They may end up being Rare candy. Exp. Candies can be picked up from Tera Raid battles, similar to Max Raids in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They come in XS, S, M, and L sizes which changes how much EXP they grant.

More Information on Wugtrio

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wugtrio

Wugtrio is a surprisingly aggressive attack Pokemon compared to its first form. Its Speed stat (120) means it usually hits first and hits hard with an Attack stat of 100. Players should be careful, though, as its bulk is almost non-existent with low HP and Defense stats, so it doesn't do well when taking damage. A unique thing about Wugtrio is that it is the only known Pokemon that can use the move Triple Dive. This signature move will splash water at its target three times with perfect timing to cause damage.

Wugtrio can learn quite a few Ground-type moves even without a relation to Dugtrio. Mud-slap and Sand Attack both lower their targets evasiveness and Stomping Tantrum has potential to deal double damage with the right circumstances. Poor defenses aside, Wugtrio is a great offensive Pokemon that can find a place on any Pokemon team.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.