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There's a lot that goes into Pokemon battling, it's not only up to selecting the strongest offensive moves and hoping that the opposing Pokemon goes down. It's important to carefully select moves, have the best ability, and pick the more appropriate items.

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New, exciting items have been added to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet but there are also some returning items that are worth looking at. This article will focus on the Shell Bell, an item that's been around for a while; by reading this guide players will learn everything they need to know about acquiring this item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where To Get A Shell Bell

guy at pokemon center giving a shell bell

The Paldea region is open and ready to be explored and the locations that the player visits first are entirely up to them. However, there are certain areas that will naturally be unlocked first. The first time that the majority of players will come across the Shell Bell is by beating seven trainers on South Province (Area Three) and then talking to the man next to this area's Pokemon Center.

However, this is a one-time thing only and if it's accidentally sold or lost somehow, there is another way to acquire it. It's possible to purchase the Shell Bell at the Delibirds Present store in Levincia, one of the towns on the eastern side of the map, in the middle area; it costs 20,000 Pokedollars.

What Is The Shell Bell For?

shell bell holder healing back health

The Shell Bell is a healing item; it's meant to be held by a Pokemon and the holder will heal its health stat according to how much damage it deals to another Pokemon. It only heals 1/8 of the amount of damage it manages to deal but this also means that it's not a predefined amount and the harder the player hits, the more they'll gain from this in terms of healing back their own Pokemon.

This is somewhat similar to the Leftovers item which also heals back the item's holder, however, Leftovers heals back 1/16 of the user's total amount of health. Shell Bell is great to back up Pokemon with powerful offensive moves that will significantly hurt other Pokemon. Knowing which items to use and on which Pokemon they'll work best is just one of the key elements when it comes to becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer out there.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is currently available on Switch.

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