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The competitive aspect of Pokemon has changed throughout the years since every new entry has introduced new Pokemon moves. For example, Generation 5 brought over 92 damaging and non-damaging moves into the Pokemon universe.

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And one powerful Generation 5 TM players can acquire in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is Stored Power. But, for players to obtain this unique damaging move, they'll need to know where to look.

Stored Power TM 41 Explained

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TM 41 Explained

Stored Power (TM 41) is a game-changing power that can quickly turn the tide in any competitive battle. And that's because Stored Power deals damage based on the amount of stats that were increased before using it.

For example, Iron Defense boosts a Pokemon's Defense by two stages, which would then increase the damage of Stored Power to 60 (base damage is 20 and gains 20 damage for every stat increased).

So, players that want to maximize Stored Power's overall damage will want to teach their Pokemon only moves that boost stats, like Growth, Swords Dance, or Double Team. However, players should keep in mind it's a Psychic-type move, meaning they'll need to use one of the many Psychic-type Pokemon found on Paldea.

How to Get Stored Power TM

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Locations

As with other TMs, players can get Stored Power in various ways. But, the easiest method (once players obtain at least one copy of Stored Power) is using the TM Machine to craft copies of it. Players will need the following ingredients:

  • 800 League Points
  • x3 Ralts Dust
  • x3 Gothita Eyelash

The fastest method of gaining League Points is by completing Tera Raids. And while players can gain League Points by simply interacting with the Tera Crystal, they'll gain much more by participating and beating the Tera Pokemon. Players can find plenty of Ralts near South Province (Area One), while Gothita can be found in East Province (Area Three) and Glaseado Mountain.

Here are the locations where players can find a copy of TM41 Stored Power:

  • Between Cortondo and Mesagoza, on a Small Patch of Land (South Province Area Two)
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 1
  • Near Los Platos (West), behind a Small Boulder (South Province Area One)
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 2
  • North of Porto Marinada, on Casseroya Lake (West Province Area Two)
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 3
  • East of Porto Marinada, right before Entering Asado Desert (West Province Area Two)
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 4
  • Between East Province (Area Two) and East Province (Area One), on a Cliff
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 5
  • North of North Province (Area One), on an Island with Elektross
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Stored Power Location 6

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.