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mass-effect-3-companion-theory 1
Mass Effect 3 Theory Makes Unpopular Companion More Interesting

A gamer online proposes a theory about Mass Effect 3 that makes one of the game's more unpopular companions far more interesting.

disney-dreamlight-valley-glitch 1
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bug Makes Player Partially Invisible

An interesting bug found in Disney Dreamlight Valley appears to make players partially invisible, with no solid explanation available.

Fallout-4-The-Institute-Evil 1
Hilarious Fallout 4 Detail Shows Why The Insitute is Truly Evil

A gamer online shows off a hilarious detail in Fallout 4 that reveals exactly why the Insitute is the most evil faction in Bethesda's RPG.

red-dead-online-dancing-bounty 1
Strange Red Dead Online Glitch Gives Player Bounty for Dancing

A bizarre glitch found in Red Dead Online appears to be giving players bounties just for daring to dance in front of other gamers.

modern-warfare-2-ridiculous-attachment 1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Has a Ridiculous-Looking Shotgun Attachment

A player online showcases a combination of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 shotgun attachments that look completely ridiculous in-game.

red-dead-online-daryl 1
Red Dead Online Player Recreates The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon In-Game

A Red Dead Online player shares their incredible recreation of The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon in Rockstar's online Western title.

jedi-survivor-star-wars-stormtrooper 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Player Has New Game Plus Playthrough Ruined by Angry Stormtrooper

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player posts a video of a funny glitch that sees their New Game+ playthrough ruined by an angry stormtrooper.

red-dead-redemption-2-hidden-message 1
Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Discovers Hidden Message on Their Third Playthrough

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player reveals their discovery of an extremely vague hidden message while on their third playthrough of the game.

Fallout-4-Radscorpion-Challenge-Run 1
Fallout 4 Player Beats the Game as a Radscorpion

A Fallout 4 player online shares their latest strange challenge playthrough, beating the entire Bethesda game as a radscorpion.

mako-from-mass-effect-glitch 1
Hilarious Mass Effect Bug Sends Mako Into Another Dimension

A Mass Effect player encounters a bizarre visual bug that appears to send the Mako vehicle all the way into another dimension.

skyrim-followers-glitch 1
Skyrim Player Shows Why You Can’t Use 10 Followers At Once

A Skyrim player posts a funny clip that shows exactly why gamers are completely unable to use 10 followers at once in Bethesda's RPG.

red-dead-redemption-2-cheese-difficult-mission 1
Gamer Finds Way to Cheese One Of Red Dead Redemption 2's Most Difficult Missions

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player shows off a great way of making one of Red Dead Redemption 2's most frustrating missions easier to beat.

destiny-2-jim-carrey-the-mask 1
Destiny 2 Player Finds a Guardian That Looks Like a Classic Jim Carrey Character

One of Jim Carrey's most iconic characters from the 90s makes a surprise appearance in the form of a customized Guardian in Destiny 2.

watch-dogs-legion-joel 1
Gamer Finds The Last of Us’ Joel In Watch Dogs: Legion

A gamer online finds The Last of Us' protagonist, Joel Miller, as a surprise recruitable character in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion.

runescape necromancy 1
RuneScape 3 Reveals Key Detail About Upcoming Necromancy Skill

RuneScape 3 begins to reveal details about the game's upcoming Necromancy skill, starting with one particularly interesting factor.

red-dead-redemption-2-dutch-van-der-linde-teamkill 1
Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Gets Team-Killed by Dutch

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player shows off a truly bizarre clip in which they get team-killed by group leader Dutch Van Der Linde.

disney-dreamlight-valley-storage-solution 1
Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Discovers Interesting Place to Store Items

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player shows off an interesting place to store items, leaving many other gamers surprised about its existence.

skyrim-water-detail 1
Skyrim Player Notices Amazing Detail About the Game's Water

A Skyrim player online shares with the game's community an incredible detail about the game's water, that most gamers would never discover.

Fallout-Tim-Cain-Left-Sequel 1
Original Fallout Creator Shares Why He Left The Series

Original co-creator of the Fallout series Tim Cain reveals why he left the franchise after the release of the wildly successful original.

fallout-4-strange-swimming-glitch 1
Strange Fallout 4 Glitch Sees NPCs Swimming in the Streets

A gamer online shows off a hilarious glitch from Fallout 4 that sees an NPC swimming through the streets of the Commonwealth.

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