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Adéolu is an avid writer and editor with a mild obsession for analysing media. His writing experience spans media journalism, fiction, scriptwriting, blogging, and is constantly expanding. He has a love for Literature, Film, Video Games and all things animation.

Why Chainsaw Mans anime cant live up to the manga feature image 1
Chainsaw Man: Why The Anime Might Not Be Able To Live Up To The Manga

While Chainsaw Man’s anime adaptation is very well done, some of the strengths of the manga might be too much for it to live up to.

rarest pokemon in scarlet and violet feature image 1
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: 8 Rarest Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no stranger to rare Pokemon, in fact, these are the rarest and hardest Pokemon to find.

pokemon scarlet and violet hardest pokemon to evolve feature image 1
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: 7 Hardest To Evolve Pokemon

Players can expect a rough time trying to evolve the following Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

split image of the pokemon marowak, genesect and giratina 1
9 Pokemon With Exclusive Items

While each Pokemon is unique in their own way, there are some that have items that exclusively meant for certain Pokemon.

Split image of Gyokko, Doma and Hantengu 1
Demon Slayer: The Upper Moons Explained

Before the demon slayers can ever hope to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji, they have to defeat the 6 upper moons. But who are these powerful demons?

split image of manga panels of Anasui, Joseph on a motorcycle, and Dio crying 1
Jojo: 9 Scenes That Were Cut From The Anime

Not every scene from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga made it into the anime adaptation. Here are a few that viewers missed out on.

split image of baby from super monkey ball, kiddy kong from donkey kong country, and the protagonist of among the sleep 1
8 Great Games With Babies As Protagonists

These protagonists may be young, fragile, and new to the world, but that doesn't mean they can't be heroes of their own stories.

split image of cover art from mha team up missions, vigilantes and smash 1
How Canon are My Hero Academia's Spin-offs?

My Hero Academia has plenty of great spin-offs, but are they all canon?

jujutsu kaisen geto jogo and hanami 1
Is Jujutsu Kaisen's Story Going Off The Rails?

Jujutsu Kaisen's story has been ramping up, but is there too much going on?

split image of pawmot, a tera evee and porygon z 1
9 Ways To Change A Pokemon's Type Without Terastallising

Here's how players can change their Pokemon's type without Terastallising.

My hero academia team up missions vol3 cover 1
7 Best Teams From My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions

In My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions, the following teams make for effective combinations.

split image of piccolo and gohan from dragon ball super hero and reigen and mob from mob psycho 100 1
The 8 Most Iconic Mentor-Mentee Pairs In Anime

Most heroes in anime need a mentor before realizing their fullest potential. These relationships are some of the genre's most famous.

Best mentor mentee pairs in my hero academia feature image 1
My Hero Academia: The 8 Best Mentor-Mentee Pairs

Here are the eight best mentor-mentee pairs in My Hero Academia.

pokemon best offensive type combinations feature image 1
Pokemon: 10 Best Offensive Type Combinations

Having two great types of offensive types can make a Pokemon very powerful, and these are the types that do the best

split image of the lingering will, ventus fighting no name, and yozora 1
Kingdom Hearts: 7 Games With The Best Post-Game Content, Ranked

These seven Kindom Hearts games offer plenty of entertainment after the credits have rolled.

potentially strong pokemon with one big weakness feature image 1
8 Potentially Strong Pokemon Held Back By One Weakness

These Pokemon are a force to be reckoned with but are held back by one glaring weakness.

Split image of the players from pokemon legends arceus, N from pokemon black and white, and the cover art for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky 1
Pokemon: 7 Best Stories In The Series

While the plot in the Pokemon games are pretty simplistic, there are games in the series that invests players.

Split image of the kirby villains Zero, Marx, and Void Termina 1
8 Most Disturbing Parts of the Kirby Games

For such a cute game, Kirby is surprisingly dark and disturbing, and these examples are the prime reason on why

split image of sonic the hedgehog, the doomslayer and spiderman 1
8 Games That Make Movement Feel Amazing

These eight great games all have superb movement mechanics that make it fun to simply traverse their worlds or levels.

Pokemon scarlet and violet the indigo tusk art 1
8 Improvements Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC Need To Make To The Games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are far from perfect games, which is where DLCs could step in to improve things. Here's how.

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