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Demon Slayer: 9 Most Iconic Locations In The Anime, Ranked  1
Demon Slayer: 9 Most Iconic Locations In The Anime, Ranked 

These are some of the most notable locations in the Demon Slayer anime.

demon slayer tanjiro 1
A Proper Demon Slayer Game Would be Wise to Learn from Dead Island 2, Dying Light 2

Future Demon Slayer games could have a lot of success copying some features from zombie games that would fit well into the anime’s canon mythology.

Akaza, Rui, Muzan-Kibutsuji, and Enmu are among 18 Most Evil Characters In Demon Slayer 1
Demon Slayer: 18 Most Evil Characters In The Anime

The Demon Slayer Corps have to deal with some powerful, evil demons, and these are the worst of the worst in the anime.

best spring 2023 anime featured image 1
Best Anime Of Spring 2023, Ranked

Spring 2023 has a packed lineup of anime, but which shows are the season's best?

Muichiro Tokito Gyomei Himejima Demon slayer 1
Demon Slayer: The Hashira, Ranked From Youngest To Oldest

The Hashira are a diverse group be it in abilities or in age.

best anime hulu featured image 1
Best Anime On Hulu (May 2023)

Hulu is a great resource for anime fans, and here are some of the best shows and movies on the streaming service.

most powerful demon lords in anime 1
The 20 Strongest Demon Lords In Anime, Ranked

The ultra-strong demon lord is a classic anime trope. These ones are the strongest amongst them.

kilua, gojo and kaneki 1
Anime: 20 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair

Unique hair colors are common in many anime series, and white hair is a standout. Here are the most famous male characters with white hair.

Demon Slayer: Who is Kanao Tsuyuri?

Kanao might not say much, but she's one of Demon Slayer's most interesting characters. Just who is she?

Crows, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Genya and Gyomei 1
Demon Slayer: The 7 Best Kasugai Crows, Ranked

Outside of the usual battles in Demon Slayer, these crows have proven their effectiveness and utility in many ways.

strongest blood demon arts users 1
Demon Slayer: 15 Most Powerful Blood Demon Art Techniques, Ranked

Powerful demons utilize Blood Demon Arts in Demon Slayer; however, which of these formidable techniques stand out as the strongest?

Demon Slayer: Tanjiro’s Biggest Mistakes featured image 1
Demon Slayer: Tanjiro’s Biggest Mistakes 

Despite being the heroic protagonist of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro has made some critical mistakes in the series.

Demon Slayer Hashira 1
Demon Slayer: The Hashira, Explained

The nine strongest combatants among the corps command a high level of respect. But how can a regular Demon Slayer become a Hashira?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dragon Ball, and Cowboy Bebop 1
The 12 Best Anime Series of All Time, Ranked

From shonen to seinen, these iconic anime series have all stood the test of time and are among the very best that the medium has to offer.

Collage Gray from Fairy Tail, Korosensei from Assassination Classroom and Celestia form Danganronpa 1
10 Anime Characters Who Would Be Hilarious As Harem Protagonists

Fans would have a field day if these anime characters suddenly became harem protagonists.

Demon Slayer: The Most Gut-Wrenching Quotes 1
Demon Slayer: The Most Gut-Wrenching Quotes

Demon Slayer knows exactly how to make fans emotional with these harrowing and gut-wrenching quotes from the anime series.

Demon Slayer Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa 1
Demon Slayer: The Tragic Life of The Wind Hashira

Behind his grumpy and scary appearance, Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa actually led a very tragic life.

title image anime demons inuyasha nago femto 1
7 Most Infamous Anime Demons

The demonic character trope is not uncommon in the world of anime series. These are the most famous anime demons known to fans.

demon-slayer-tanjiro-sun-breathing 1
Demon Slayer: Total Concentration Breathing, Explained

The base technique behind all the Breathing Styles of the Demon Slayer Corps comes with a host of added power-ups for all who practice it.

Split image of Gyokko, Doma and Hantengu 1
Demon Slayer: The Upper Moons Explained

Before the demon slayers can ever hope to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji, they have to defeat the 6 upper moons. But who are these powerful demons?