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Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K. Players create and customize their own protagonist known as "The Hunter" and can team up with numerous Marvel characters like Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Blade, Doctor Strange, and more. Combat is turn-based with ability cards that can be played, and between missions, players can manage both the team and their base of operations called The Abbey.

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Midnight Suns Sequel Improvements 1
How a Midnight Suns Sequel Could Improve Over the Original

Firaxis' Marvel's Midnight Suns blended the tried-and-true XCOM formula with deck-building and a potential sequel has room for even more innovation.

jedi survivor midnight suns 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Sequel Has a Lesson to Learn from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Marvel's Midnight Suns' choice of locales could learn a thing or two from how the Star Wars Jedi franchise approaches its own environments.

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21 Great Turn-Based Strategy Games To Play If You Like XCOM

Gamers longing for some turn-based strategy action like XCOM will find these games perfectly scratch that itch.

midnight suns mystique 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Sequel Can Have Its Cake and Eat It Too with an X-Men Anti-Hero Protagonist

Midnight Suns can meld Marvel familiarity and customization features galore with the swap to a popular anti-hero tied to X-Men lore.

spider-man yuri lowenthal 1
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Yuri Lowenthal Performance Has a Lot to Live Up to

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 may need to develop its Peter Parker in such a way that Yuri Lowenthal doesn't blend into his most recent performances instead.

blood storm in midnight suns 1
Midnight Suns Storm DLC Has Big Problem

Midnight Suns players are frustrated by a bug that's preventing them from completing achievements/trophies for the new Storm DLC.

marvel's midnight suns daredevil marvel snap 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Sequel Should Add Daredevil with an Ability from Another Card-Based Game

Marvel's Midnight Suns' sequel could draw upon inspiration from a popular deck-builder for an ability that its own Daredevil could have in gameplay.

midnight suns captain america 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Sequel Could Reintroduce Captain America with a Big Change to His Character

Marvel's Midnight Suns' Captain America is exceptional, but a sequel deserves reinvention for the character comparable to the MCU's own take.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Best Storm Build Collage 1
Marvel's Midnight Suns: Best Deck for Storm

With huge damage and battlefield control potential, the best deck for Storm in Marvel's Midnight Suns makes her devastating against all foes.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Storm Challenge Mission Collage 1
Marvel's Midnight Suns: How to Complete Storm's Challenge Mission

Storm has one of the toughest challenge missions in Marvel's Midnight Suns since she can easily be killed while trying to win.

Marvel's Midnight Suns How To Unlock Storm Collage 1
Marvel's Midnight Suns: How to Unlock Storm

It's not an exaggeration to say that Storm is one of the most anticipated heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns since the game was announced.

midnight suns guardians of the galaxy mcu 1
The MCU’s Loss is Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Gain

The MCU has recently shed a popular character affiliation from its franchise that Marvel's Midnight Suns should take for its own in a sequel.

Gamerant Recap 050723 1
Game Rant Recap for 05/01/23 – 05/07/23

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered receives an upgrade path, Mortal Kombat 12 is briefly teased by Ed Boon, and more in this week's Game Rant recap.

marvel's midnight suns storm gameplay breakdown showcase christopher odd stun resist next turn 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Storm Gameplay Breakdown

YouTuber Christopher Odd returns with the final 'announced' DLC gameplay breakdown as Storm is set to launch in Marvel's Midnight Suns next week.

Midnight Suns Loss Hogwarts Gain 1
Midnight Suns' Loss is Hogwarts Legacy's Gain

Marvel's Midnight Suns has just canceled one of its upcoming ports, and it could end up giving Hogwarts Legacy another edge on the competition.

marvels-midnight-suns 1
Midnight Suns Nintendo Switch Version Canceled

Firaxis and 2K Games cancel their planned port of Marvel's Midnight Sun for the Nintendo Switch, with a quick release for PS4 and Xbox One.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Best Character Mods 1
Marvel's Midnight Suns: Best Character Mods You Can Install

Ranging from weird to wonderful, these Marvel mods will make any character stand out.

A grid showing the three Strategy Card games Slay The Spire, Marvel's Midnight Suns, and Inscryption 1
8 Best Strategy Card Games Of All Time

Card strategy games allows players to build the perfect hand when dealing with combat, and these are the best ones of all time

wolverine_promo 1
Marvel's Midnight Suns' DLC and Insomniac's Wolverine Game Point to The Same Outcome

Two high-profile game releases with Marvel licensing indicate that a new title featuring a legacy Marvel team might be a foregone conclusion.

midnight-suns-wolverine-x-men-missed-opportunity 1
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Missed the Mark on Including Another Popular X-Men Mutant

Despite having a few X-Men in the game, Marvel's Midnight Suns would have been the perfect excuse to give one popular mutant time in spotlight.