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In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal is a Jedi Knight who, despite his traumas, has chosen to be on the Light Side of the Force and respect the Order. But fighting an unjust war against the Empire tempts him to embrace his Darkness just so that he can save his loved ones—his crew. Cal’s first significant dark tendencies appear when he confronts Lank Denvik, the chief supervisor of the Imperial Security Bureau, on Nova Garon. But he resists the urge to kill the defenseless Denvik, thanks to Merrin.

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Despite clinging to the Light Side, Cal later finds himself in a life-or-death situation, where he seems to have no option but to use the morbid Force abilities. However, since it’s the player who should prompt him to do so, Jedi: Survivor fans want to know if they should let him embrace the darkness—and what happens if they do so.

Should Players Embrace the Dark Side of the Force?

image showing the moment when cal must embrace the darkness in star wars jedi survivor.

In the final Chapter of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players have no option but to embrace the darkness to beat Bode. However, they may refuse to use the Dark Force while chasing him on Nova Garon.

In the Officer’s Quarters, Cal gains a new ability that lets him embrace his darkness. And players can activate this new skill by pressing the RS and LS (R3 and L3) on the controller and 4 on the keyboard. But this only remains an optional power until Cal confronts Bode.

During the final boss fight, Bode pins Cal down and relentlessly punches him. To prevent Bode from killing Cal, players will need to follow the cutscene’s prompt and give in to the darkness. They may still refuse to use the Dark Force after the QTE, but it would make the battle much more challenging.

What Are the Consequences of Embracing the Darkness?

image showing cal embracing the dark side of the force in star wars jedi survivor.

Using the Dark Side of the Force has no consequences in Jedi: Survivor. It does not turn Cal into a Dark Jedi and has no effect on the New Game Plus. Moreover, there is no hidden trophy/achievement for players who remain on the Light Side.

What If Cal Doesn’t Use His Dark Force?

star wars jedi survivor cal kestis dark side force narrative gameplay

Cal is able to survive Bode's chasing scenes without resorting to the Dark Force, but without it, Bode will inevitably defeat him. There is no way to avoid embracing the darkness in the campaign, and players will need to do it at least once to beat the game.

Does Embracing the Darkness Line Up with Star Wars Lore?

image showing cal kestis and revan two star wars jedi with dark force abilities.

Cal is not the first Jedi to embrace his darkness with ultimately good intentions. Nearly 4,000 years before the events of Jedi: Survivor, Revan, another Jedi Knight, gave in to the Dark Side to defeat the Mandalorian and the Sith Emperor. But regardless, Cal remains among a few Jedi who’ve balanced both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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