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Planet Jedha is full of secret collectibles. But one particular chest in the Veiled Hangar confuses most Jedi: Survivor players. During his expedition in the Desert Passages, Cal notices a locked door across from the Cere’s Archival that seems to have a perplexing puzzle. But it’s actually guarded with a pretty basic mechanic that players are already familiar with, the stone balls. Here’s how to pick the lock of this mysterious door and unlock the secret room in the Desert Passages in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find the Locked Door in the Desert Passages

image showing where to find the locked door in the desert passages.

In the Veiled Hangar on Jedha, ride the elevator near the Archival Meditation Point and enter the Desert Passages to find the secret locked door. There are multiple gates in this area, but only two do not open automatically. The one that players should look for is a smaller and red one.

Fast-traveling to Jedha makes it easier to locate this door because the Mantis lands inside the Veiled Hangar, which is pretty close to the Archival room and the Desert Passages.

How to Unlock the Desert Passages Door

image showing how to solve the door puzzle in the desert passages of jedi survivor.

To open the door at the Desert Passages, Force push both stone balls on the left and right. The gate unlocks when both balls are at the southern edge of the grooves.

The Desert Passages’ door is protected with the same lock system as the Cere’s Archival gate. It works with magnetic balls that move inside the grooves on the wall. The only difference is that it requires two of these balls to unlock. Once players push both lock devices toward the bottom floor, the path unlocks.

To unlock the door across the Desert Passages’ gate, push both balls to the northern edge of the grooves.

What Is Behind the Desert Passages Door

image showing the location of the hidden chest in the desert passages of star wars jedi survivor.

Opening the door at the Desert Passage unlocks a chest containing a Lightsaber component, the Scrapyard Pommel. The chest is behind the obelisk on the right. Players can access this module at the Workbench downstairs, next to Sister Taske's shop.

Except for the Lightsaber component, there is not much to explore in the room. But players can talk to the Anchorite in the corner and get more information about the lore.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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