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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Gerudo region is filled with numerous secrets and mysterious artifacts that lead Link into some of the game's most interesting quests. When first encountered, the region is covered by a massive sandstorm, making it nearly impossible to see and adding considerably to the area's mystique. When Tears of the Kingdom's story eventually removes the storm, Link can finish the quest line centered around the Seven Heroines, a Gerudo legend that practically every member of the tribe reveres.

This quest line begins with "The Heroines' Secret," which reveals the possible existence of an eighth heroine. Completing that quest leads Link directly into "The Mysterious Eighth," which continues where the previous quest left off. This guide will reveal the exact location of each orb that Link is tasked with finding, along with what happens when Link learns of the truth behind the eighth heroine.

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How to Begin The Mysterious Eighth in Tears of the Kingdom


Link can begin "The Mysterious Eighth" the moment "The Heroines' Secret" has ended. Rotana, the Gerudo who was Link's main contact in "The Heroines' Secret," will lead Link to a room with seven heroine statues at the end of that quest. Speaking to her in that chamber will begin "The Mysterious Eighth."


Rotana will give Link the small orb that was at her feet during "The Heroines' Secret," informing him that the spirit of each heroine is held in seven orbs, found throughout the Gerudo region. Link can see that the symbol on the orb corresponds to the symbol on one of the statues. Using Ultrahand, Link can place the orb into what is clearly meant to be its resting place in the statues arms. With this one orb complete, Link will need to find six more.

Two more of the orbs are found within the shelter itself, with the remaining four found out in Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar.

While Link can acquire two of the orbs before the sand storm is dealt with, Link must complete "Riju of Gerudo Town" to finish this mission. Only then will the storm lift, allowing the Gerudo to leave the shelter.

Where to Find Orb 2 - Gerudo Shelter Inn


The second orb can be found within the shelter and can be taken directly to the statue room, even before the storm is lifted. To find this orb, head to the area that acts as an Inn. From the main shelter chamber with the fire pit, head through the western portal, the one with multicolored laundry draped along its top edge. This will lead Link into the chamber with entrances to the jail on the right, the cantina in the middle, and the Inn on left.

Stay to the left and enter the Inn. Once inside, Link will turn to the right and see two beds with a small chamber in the wall above them. Use Ascend to enter the small chamber, which holds various materials - rock salt, topaz - and orb 2. Look at the symbol on the orb and then bring it to the corresponding statue

Where to Find Orb 3 - Gerudo Shelter Cantina


Orb 3 can only be recovered after the sand storm has been lifted. To do this, head into the cantina that sits directly next to the Inn. If Link had been in here before the storm lifted, he would notice a Gerudo woman resting against an orb. She did not react kindly when Link tried to take it from her. Now, there is no one in the cantina, and Link can freely take the orb.

This marks all three orbs found in the shelter itself. Link will now have to head outside to find the rest, though most of them are found within the walls of Gerudo Town.

Where to Find Orb 4 - Lost in the Dunes


Getting the worst out of the way first, Link will need to head out to Kara Kara Bazaar to find this orb.

Head out to the bazaar after "Riju of Gerudo Town" has been completed. Link will find two standing in front of the store, looking out the desert. The orb is visible on the ground between them. Unfortunately, they inform Link that the orb's owner, Ponthos, is lost in the desert. Speaking with Benja will initiate the "Lost in the Dunes" quest.

Benja explains to Link that they all agreed, should any of them get lost in the desert, they will meet at the tallest structure. However, he is concerned that all the nearby sinkholes may pose a real threat to Ponthos. Finally, he tells Link that he last saw Ponthos heading out towards the west.


If Link heads west from Benja, he'll see a large ruin with a small campfire near it. Upon closer inspection, Link will find a sinkhole with a spear and shield stuck right near the entrance. Check the map above for the exact location (-3370, -2669, 0031).


If Link lets the sinkhole take him down, he'll immediately see Ponthos sitting directly ahead. To get out of the area, follow the stream back to its source find a series of several rock walls for Link to break. Keep going until reaching the ladder that leads out of the Kara Kara Bazaar Well. Ponthos will automatically exit the area, telling Link to come by and see him later see him for a reward. This is, of course, the orb.

To get the orb back to Gerudo Town, Link can either create a vehicle with stored Zonai devices and the materials around the bazaar, or simply walk.

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Where to Find Orb 5 - Sand Seal Pen


The fifth orb is found inside the Gerudo Town walls, on the small ledge that sits right next to the Sand Seal Pen. If Link enters the town from the main entrance on the northeastern side of town, simply turn left and begin heading for the small set of stairs visible to the left of the pen. As he gets closer, the orb can be seen on the ledge.

Where to Find Orb 6 - Dalia's Game


The next orb is found very close to orb 5. When Link enters town through the main gate, instead of turning left, he should turn right. If it's night, he'll see the orb sitting in the corner, but attempting to grab it will result in Link being told the orb is important to Dalia, one of the young girls in town. If Link returns to the orb - or walks through the main gate - during daylight hours, he'll see Dalia standing at the orb, ready to initiate a quest.

Dalia will tell Link that she will lend him the orb if Link will face her in a challenge. Accepting the challenge will result in the small side quest, "Dalia's Game" To win, Link must find a stuffed Sand Seal before time runs out. To find it, head to the chamber with the mural and training dummies. If Link makes a hard right, he'll find the doll in a small niche cut out of the wall.

When searching for important items, activating Ultrahand will usually highlight any object Link can interact with. Try this when looking for Dalia's stuffed Sand Seal.

Head back above ground to grab the orb from the same location it was left, and bring it back to Rotana and the statues.

Where to Find Orb 7 - Covered in Sand


The final orb is found on the rocks that line the top of the walls and buildings around town. It is roughly dead center along the section of the wall that faces southeast. See the image of the map for the exact location (-3801, -2966, 0057).

The orb sits beneath a large pile of sand, so make sure to bring any item that is capable of creating wind. Fusing a fan to a shield creates a perfect gust of wind that Link can easily control with the L1 button. Once the sand is gone, bring the orb back to the statues. Rotana will note that with all seven orbs in the statues' hands, something should happen.

Entering the Secret Chamber


Once Link places all seven orbs in the correct position, a secret chamber will be revealed beneath the floor. Link will find what appears to be a giant orb and a small tablet. Reading the tablet in the room informs Link that he must visit the North Gerudo ruins and Gerudo Sanctuary to find his reward. It tells him that the giant orb will be the key.


Rotana asks Link to carry the massive orb, and they'll uncover the mystery together.

Where to Take the Giant Orb in The Mysterious Eighth


Use Ultrahand to lift the giant orb, and begin walking outside. If Link checks the map with "The Mysterious Eighth" active, he'll see the mission marker located at his destination. The North Gerudo Ruins are not far, so it is perfectly fine for Link to walk the orb.


As Link makes his way through the ruins, he will encounter light resistance in the form of electric Chu-Chus and Lizalfos. They will not put up much of a fight, especially if he is accompanied by the Sages.

When he reaches the mission marker, Link will find a hole in the ruins that leads to the Gerudo Sanctuary. Looking down the hole, Link will see the exact place the orb will fit. Placing the orb opens a large gate, allowing Link to enter a long cave.


At the end of the cave, Link will another hole covered by stone plates. Move the plates and drop to the lower level.


Link will discover another long cave path that leads past a gate that cannot yet be opened. Keep following the path until Link comes across a lone Gibdo. Use elemental weapons or arrows to eliminate the Gibdo, then drop through another hole in the chamber directly beyond it. It will look at first like the chamber is empty, but look up to find a passage that Link can go through. Use Ascend to reach the door.


Through the door, Link will find a small chamber with three stone plates. Each plate can be moved with Ultrahand. Move the broken plate on the left and continue down the path. Link will quickly be blocked by a breakable rock section. Destroy that to reveal a large stone bridge. Be very careful when crossing the bridge, as it features blocks that fall when stepped on. If Link moves quickly, he can get across and go through the door at the end.


The area will now begin to look like an ancient temple. Keep heading along the path until Link enters the Statue of the Eighth Heroine room.

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The Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room


In the final chamber, the mystery of the Eighth Heroine is simultaneously solved and deepened. The tablet found at the entrance of the room says that in ages past, a massive sand beast was wreaking havoc on Gerudo lands. A mysterious hero arrived and told them to band together, fight as a team. This strategy worked, and though they were immensely grateful to the hero, they could not, by law, allow him into Gerudo Town. This room is their way of showing gratitude to this unnamed hero.

The room contains a gold rupee, ruby, sapphire, topaz, and a single example of each Gerudo weapon and shield, though this does not include the legendary items from Breath of the Wild.


Return to Rotana in Gerudo Town to complete the quest and receive a silver rupee.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Nintendo Switch.