A Pokemon fan with excellent artistic skills has recently imagined two Paradox forms for Meganium. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the latest entry in the Pokemon series, and it debuted the Paradox forms, which have been very popular with fan art, as fans tweak the original Pokemon giving it future and past forms.

Meganium is a Plant-type creature from the second generation that looks like a sauropod dinosaur with a huge flower around its neck. It debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver as the final evolution of the fan-favorite Chikorita, which was one of the three starters of this generation. Because of this, this Pokemon kept its popularity over the years, despite the fact that the second generation of the franchise was released almost 25 years ago.

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Now, inspired by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a fan has decided to give Paradox forms to this classic Pokemon. Meluharegion created both a future and a past form for Meganium. Proto Meganium is a Grass/Poison-type, and it leans even more on the dinosaur aesthetics, looking fiercer and angrier than the normal creature. It also uses a darker tone of green and red, which suits it well. Neo Meganium, on the other hand, is a Grass/Steel-type that leaves out the flowers and uses a flower-shaped solar panel instead. It looks really futuristic, with goggles for eyes and an antenna on its head.

As it commonly happens when someone creates alternative forms for Pokemon, the community had several opinions about this creation. This time, some fans came up with even better names for these creatures. DiscipleogMegatronus, for instance, affirmed that the past Paradox form could be called Floral Drake, and the future one Iron Panels, also suggesting different subtypes: Dragon and Electric, instead of Poison and Steel.

All kinds of Pokemon are getting fan-made Paradox forms right now, and one of the latest to gain an incredible Paradox future form was Octillery. Created by a prolific member of the Pokemon community, this version of Octillery comes with a metallic design full of spikes and has a cannon as its mouth. According to its creator El-Psy-Congroo-01, the idea of the project was to create a Paradox version of the Pokemon based on its Beta design, in which Ocitllery looks more like a tank than a normal octopus. With so many unofficial Paradox Pokemon forms coming out, Game Freak will have to try really hard to design its next ones if it wants to impress the community.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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