A skilled Pokemon fan art creator has recently come up with a new regional variant form for Incineroar, turning the giant feline Pokemon into a different creature with Fire/Ice-type. Fans are coming up with creative Pokemon fanart ever since the first game was out in the 90s, and this is one of the recent ones that was shared with the community.

Incineroar is a Fire/Dark-type Pokemon that was originally introduced in Gen 7 of the franchise. This feline-like humanoid is the second evolution of Litten, which starred as one of the starters in the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Despite evolving from a cat, Incineroar walks on two legs, abandoning the shape that its predecessor Torracat had. This Pokemon is fairly famous, as it’s one of the creatures that Ash had in the anime. So, many fans have created interesting Incineroar fan art in the past.

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This new regional version of Incineroar is a Fire/Ice-type Pokemon, and it was created by Mathias_Greyjoy, who came up with the original concept, and El-psy-congroo-01, who designed the Pokemon. The most distinctive feature that Pokemon fans will notice in this form is how Incineroar is walking on all fours like a cat again, as well as the blue, icy details in the creature’s fans and claws. The size is about the same as the original Incineroar, as the new creation weighs around 180 lbs, with over four feet of height, being only a bit heavier and taller than the original one.

In the comments of the post, Mathias_Greyjoy explained that the reason for creating this Pokemon was because they disliked the original Incineroar so much that they played Pokemon Moon without ever evolving their Torracat. They also said that this Pokemon is part of a project they’re working on for a while: Legends: Rayquaza, which is a Pokemon fan game built using Pokemon Essentials. So far, the Mathias and El-psy-congroo-10 have designed other regional variants, such as a Water/Ghost-type Blastoise that actually keeps some of the Wartortle’s design instead of reverting to Squirtle’s, but with cannons.

Pokemon fans are constantly coming up with new forms for Pokemon, and another recent one that stands out is an alternative, futuristic version of Magneton. This Pokemon was made using security cameras, iron balls, and magnets, and it gives the original design a breath of fresh air while still keeping its unique shape and being fairly recognizable by long-time Pokemon fans.

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