A crafty Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has recently devised a unique new Paradox version for Octillery, achieving an impressive result. This is the latest of many Pokemon fan creations, which include fusions between different creatures, human forms of Pokemon, and, of course, the popular Paradox forms.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought many tweaks and changes to the classic Pokemon formula. Among them, perhaps one of the most well-received ones is the Paradox forms. Paradox Pokemon is a group of Pokemon that came either from the past (Pokemon Scarlet) or the future (Pokemon Violet), and appear in the endgame of these titles. They often take on similar shapes to common Pokemon but with a few tweaks. This inspired the community to create countless forms of Paradox creatures, ranging from common to legendary Pokemon.

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Now, a prolific Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has created a future Paradox form for Octillery. Created by El-Psy-congroo-01, this new form is called Iron Turret and is a Water/Fire-type version of the creature, which turns the octopus-inspired Pokemon into a sort of robot with a cannon as its mouth. This cool design makes Octillery look really menacing, as the creature seems armed and ready to fight with its red metal armored body full of spikes.

The creator El-Psy-congroo-01 is fairly well-known in the community, with several Pokemon artworks, including a Ghost-type regional version of Blastoise, and most people like their take on the Octillery Paradox form, too. In the comments of the Reddit post, one user pointed out how referring to Octillery’s Beta design was a great match for this art. Originally, the first Octillery design saw the creature as looking more like a cannon than only an octopus, something that was abandoned by Game Freak before the creature debuted in the second generation of Pokemon games. Previously, El-Psy-congroo-01 used a fairly similar inspiration in their Blastoise design, which was largely inspired by a Beta version, too.

As the community keeps engaged with fan art about the game, Game Freak released a new update 1.3.1 for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The new update fixed several bugs that were happening in the game, especially regarding private official tournaments in Japan and South Korea, which were experiencing bugs that prevented players from requesting rematches against opponents. Unfortunately, the update did not bring any new content, though, so Pokemon fans may be disappointed, and still need to keep creating their own Paradox Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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