One nostalgic gamer recently showed off their passion for Nintendo retro handhelds by sharing a look at their incredible Game Boy collection. This collection not only included numerous handheld consoles and Game Boy games but also featured some impressive color coordination and lighting effects to accentuate the items on display.

Over the years, Nintendo has had a number of successful handheld consoles, but one of the earliest was the Game Boy. While the company released a number of Game and Watch systems in the 1980s, the Game Boy allowed players to switch between cartridges, making the system capable of running numerous games. And due to the popularity of these handheld devices, hundreds of Game Boy games have been released over the years.

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Recently, one passionate Nintendo fan revealed they had many of these classic Game Boy handhelds and games. Taking to Reddit, a user known as Captainjord showed off their incredible and nostalgic Game Boy collection. In the image, the gamer had eight shelves featuring hundreds of Game Boy titles, complete with their boxes. Furthermore, Game Boy console boxes were lined up below the shelving and more gaming items could be seen in frames on the walls. Captainjord revealed the library of games included several Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games, due to the Reddit user’s love of Pokemon and Zelda titles. In addition to the main shelving, the Reddit user had a framed collection of Game Boy Micros.

Besides showing off their impressive collection, Captainjord detailed how they created space to house their games and handhelds. According to the Reddit user, their Nintendo library had been in storage for nearly a year while they moved to a new house. They said the new location gave them the room to display most of the gaming paraphernalia, including nearly 700 games. Interestingly, they noted that the shelving for the collection included RGB lighting to highlight the items.

Unsurprisingly, this collection has caught the eye of numerous gamers on the Gaming subreddit. The Reddit post already has over 6.6K upvotes, with many Nintendo fans leaving Game Boy-related comments regarding the post. One aspect of the collection that many enjoyed was the color coordination chosen by Captainjord. Furthermore, one user even was concerned that finding a particular game in such a massive library could be difficult. However, Captainjord revealed they could quickly find most titles by looking at the art on the sides of the boxes.

As video games continue to become more popular around the globe, more people have been showcasing their impressive gaming-themed collections. For example, another gamer recently shared a photo of their dad’s Game and Watch Collection that nearly included every one of the classic handhelds. It will be interesting to see what amazing gaming libraries fans show off next.

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