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Game Boy

Original Release Date:
July 31, 1989
Hardware Versions:
Game Boy
Original MSRP (USD):
7.76 oz
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Amazed Pikachu looking at Pokemon Red and Blue Game Boy covers 1
Pokemon Red and Blue Get an Unexpected Fan Translation After 27 Years

An avid fan treats Pokemon Red and Blue to an unexpected translation more than 27 years after the iconic RPGs debuted on the Game Boy.

game-boy-collection-nostalgia 1
Gamer Shows Off Incredibly Nostalgic Game Boy Collection

The impressive legacy of the Game Boy and its many classic games is on full display in one collection made by a passionate gamer.

Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past GBA art 1
You Can Now Play one of the Zelda Philips CD-i Games on the Game Boy

One fan manages to demake one of the critically maligned Zelda Philips CD-i games, Zelda's Adventure, to fit on the Game Boy handheld.

game boy games for nintendo switch online 1
2 More Classic Games Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch Online Soon

A Nintendo trademark hints at two additional classic Game Boy games that could be coming to Nintendo Switch Online before long.

Pokemon_Bue_Pallet_Town 1
Gamer Reveals What Pokemon Red and Blue Would Look Like in HD

A fan shows the internet what the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue would look like if they were remade in high-definition 2.5D graphics.

Playing levels in Super Mario Land and Dr. Mario 1
Every Mario Game On The Game Boy, Ranked

The Game Boy was home to several amazing Mario games, but which ones are the best out of them all?

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6 Revolutionary Developments By Nintendo

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of console innovation, and these feature prove it.

retro gaming consoles 1
Gamer Makes Incredible Discovery After Cleaning Out Childhood Drawer

A gamer makes an incredible retro discovery after unsuspectingly cleaning out a childhood drawer that had seemingly gone untouched for years.

Featured image of Wario Land 3 HowLongToBeat guide 1
Wario Land 3: How Long to Beat

How many hours will it take to beat the Game Boy Color classic?

Nintendo Switch Online More Game Boy and GBA Games 1
Nintendo Needs to Keep Its Foot on the Gas With Game Boy and GBA Games

Game Boy and GBA games on the Switch have been a pleasant addition, but Nintendo has to keep the momentum up to make each library seem truly valuable.

Game Boy Advance SP 1
Gamer Makes Game Boy Advance SP Out of LEGO Bricks, Actually Works

A gamer showcases a playable Game Boy Advance SP that he constructed entirely out of LEGOs, making it a unique piece of technology.

nintendo-switch-online-kirby-tilt-n-tumble-game-boy 1
Nintendo Switch Online
Motion-Controlled GBA Games That Should Hit Nintendo Switch Online with Kirby Tilt ‘n Tumble

Nintendo Switch Online adds Kirby Tilt ‘n Tumble to its library later this year, suggesting other motion-controlled handheld titles could follow.

pokemon day 2023 1
Pokemon Day Missed The Chance to Make Long-Time Nintendo Fans Happy

Pokemon Day revealed several future plans for the franchise, but its announcements might be overshadowed by one disappointing omission.

Pokemon Red 1
The Pokemon Company is Leaving Money on the Table Not Bringing Classic Games to the Switch

Pokemon Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games would be perfect on the Switch, and the Pokemon Company really needs to deliver on that potential.

Super Mario Land 2 1
Super Mario Land 2 Would Be a Great Blueprint for a 3D Mario Game

Thanks to Nintendo Switch Online,Super Mario Land 2 is back in the spotlight, and some fans have noticed that it would make for a great 3D Mario game.

An image of Pikachu smiling at the camera in the Pokemon anime. 1
Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Discovery While Cleaning Out Their Closet

A longtime Pokemon fan recently uncovered a rare treasure from the legendary monster-collecting series' early days while cleaning out their closet.

Obscure Nintendo Game Boy titles that may come to Nintendo Switch Online. 1
Obscure Game Boy Games That Would Be Great for Nintendo Switch Online

Many recognizable Nintendo games have made the jump to Switch Online, but there are several Game Boy classics that have yet to make a comeback.

zelda links awakening walkthrough tail cave moldorm witch rocs feather 1
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Mysterious Forest and Tail Cave Walkthrough (Part 1)

This walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will take players through the first dungeon, Tail Cave.

Game Boy Switch Official+ Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color Overlays 1
Nintendo Switch Online Letting Players Swap Game Boy Filters is Great for Nostalgia

Nintendo Online gives fans the option to switch between Game Boy filters, letting them mirror the visuals of whichever version they originally owned.

nintendo-switch-online-game-boy-titles-to-add 1
Every Game Boy Game We Need to See on Nintendo Switch Online

While many popular titles are already available in Nintendo Switch Online's Game Boy library, there are still games missing that deserve inclusion.