Miraidon, one of the box Legendaries for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, has been given a new look based on the Monster Hunter franchise thanks to the talents of one artist. While the pocket monster features an eye-catching design in Pokemon Violet, its design looks right at home in the Monster Hunter universe.

As box legendaries for their respective games, a lot of attention was centered on Miraidon and Koraidon leading up to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in November 2022. As Paradox Pokemon, both of these creatures had a theme based around a period of time. Specifically, Koraidon had an ancient-looking design, while Miraidon stood out for its futuristic appearance, featuring a violet coloration and a robotic body that looked reptilian.

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Recently, one artist thought that the reptilian characteristics of the design of Miraidon would translate well to the world of Monster Hunter, and they shared their impressive results on Reddit. Known as shunixe on the platform, the talented fan revealed their crossover art that showed the box Legendary’s design turned into something more resembling one of the beasts from Capcom’s popular series of games. Based on the image, it was evident that the artist leaned heavily into the dragon aspects of Miraidon's design. Gone was the robotic appearance of the Pokemon, and in its place was a more organic look, giving the creature a distinctly more scaly appearance. However, the identity of the Legendary was still apparent, as the predominantly violet color scheme remained central to the artwork.

This creation by shuxine is only their latest crossover art featuring the two popular franchises. Previously, the artist caught the attention of gamers by doing a Monster Hunter-inspired redesign of Koraidon. In addition, shuxine has made fan art featuring Eevee, Arceus, and many others. They even created a Mecha version of Pikachu.

This latest interpretation from shuxine has garnered significant attention on Reddit from members of the Pokemon community. In only a day, the artwork has reached almost a thousand upvotes, with many giving their opinions on the design. Some claimed the redesign made the Pokemon have a prehistoric appearance, while others thought it looked reminiscent of the Tobi Kadachi from the Monster Hunter series.

Time will tell what shuxine decides to do for their next piece of crossover art. With numerous pocket monsters in the series, there is a good chance the Reddit user will continue to make Monster Hunter-inspired art for the foreseeable future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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