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Super Mario

Super Mario is one of the biggest names in gaming. The first game in the franchise was 1985's Super Mario Bros., a game that is credited with helping the gaming industry recover from its two-year crash that began in 1983.  The Super Mario series still has an important place in gaming today, largely thanks to Nintendo's ability to continuously innovate the platform games.

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super-mario-64-mario-chain-chomp-9-games-one-sitting 1
Gamer Gets 100% in All 9 3D Super Mario Games in One Sitting

A Super Mario fan manages to beat all the 3D Super Mario games in an impressive amount of time by sacrificing his sleep for this amazing feat.

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Nintendo Switch Online Update Adds 3 GBA Games

Nintendo Switch Online receives a new update that adds three more games for Expansion Pack subscribers to check out.

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7 Games To Play If You Miss Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a much-beloved, classic game but there are plenty of modern games which have taken inspiration from it as well.

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Nintendo is Leaving Money on the Table by Ignoring One Mario Sports Franchise

The Switch has received its fair share of Mario sports titles, but one franchise in particular is due for a revival after too many years on the bench.

animal-crossing-super-mario-pipe 1
The Next Animal Crossing Has to Make One Mario Feature a Proper Mechanic

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons item featured in the Super Mario Collab could shake up the title's successor if reworked as a core mechanic.

mario-games-switch-online 1
Nintendo Switch Online Adds Three Super Mario Games to Expansion Pack Library

Nintendo adds more new games to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Library with three Super Mario titles joining the list.

New Super Mario Game Donkey Kong 1
The Next 3D Super Mario Game Should Reunite the Plumber with His Earliest Adversary

The next Super Mario game is still a mystery, but it should make an effort to reconnect Mario with a character who has faded into the background.

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Best Games Under 5 Hours Long

Some of the best games offer 100+ hours of content, while others can be completed in an afternoon.

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Super Mario's Spin-Off Comebacks Mean a Classic Franchise Could Be Next in Line

With a recent surge in Super Mario content, fans are wondering what other classic franchises in the back catalog could be due for a comeback.

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New Super Mario Game Announcements Could Work in Tandem With Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set to be a huge release, but with an empty second half of 2023, now is the perfect time for more Mario.

Strongest Mario Villains Ranked 1
Strongest Mario Villains Ranked

The Super Mario franchise has seen countless villains over the years, but which one of them is the strongest?

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10 Modern Gaming Features Older Players Would've Wanted

While many gamers miss the days of retro gaming, it's clear that modern gaming conveniences reign supreme.

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Rumor: Nintendo Leak Claims 4 New Mario Games Are On the Way

According to recent rumors, Nintendo could be preparing to release at least four new Mario-centric video games.

Yoshi in Smash Bros; Rosalina holding Luma; a scared E. Gadd 1
10 Characters Who Could Show Up In The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 (And Who Should Play Them)

With a follow-up Mario movie all but guaranteed, here's who fans most want to see.

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What Would A Sequel To The Super Mario Bros. Movie Look Like?

There are a lot of characters that didn't make it into the film, and plenty more plot lines they could choose from for a second go-around.

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Startling Crossover Art Transforms Mario Into a Clicker From The Last of Us

A gamer and artist crosses over Super Mario and The Last of Us by turning the titular Nintendo character into a horrifying Clicker.

bowser-fairly-oddparents-butch-hartman-drawing 1
Butch Hartman Draws Bowser in the Fairly Oddparents Style

Butch Hartman makes another impressive drawing for fans in the style of the Fairly Oddparents, this time including Mario’s arch-nemesis Bowser.

Mario from Mario Party Superstars between a Thwomp and a Whomp 1
Mario Party Superstars is Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Mario Party Superstars is in an unenviable position that could affect its future potential as well as its legacy in the long term.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: The Problem With Pop Song Needle Drops

Despite its wonderful selection of original musical compositions, this adaptation of the classic game franchise keeps falling back on old top 40 hits.

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10 Of The Best 16-Bit Games Developed By Nintendo

Nintendo's collection of 16-bit games contains some of the greatest treasures of video gaming history.