A talented Pokemon fan has made an animation featuring the Ground/Dragon-type Flygon, and the results are impressive. While there is no shortage of Pokemon fan art on the internet, finding high-quality animated clips starring creatures such as Flygon is less common.

With over 1,000 Pokemon now a part of the franchise following the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many insect-themed Pokemon have appeared over the years. While Flygon is not a Bug-type Pokemon, its design has elements inspired by insects, such as a pair of angular wings and a pair of antennae. In addition, the other two creatures that make up its evolutionary line are Trapnich and Vibrava, both sharing insect-like qualities to their appearances.

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Recently, one gamer decided that Flygon would make the perfect subject for a Pokemon animation project. On Reddit, this user known as patelike shared a clip of the Pokemon in action. While the animation was brief, lasting only two seconds, it showcased a high level of detail. In the video, Flygon entered an area based on Forina from Jirachi: Wish Maker, according to patelike. The animated creature landed on the side of a rock structure, showing its detailed appearance before returning to the sky and flying out of frame. On top of the visuals, patelike included sound for the creature as it flapped its wings.

In addition to sharing the impressive Flygon animation on Reddit, patelike gave details about the project in the comments section. According to the creator, the video consisted of 50 frames and took roughly four days to complete. They noted that they devoted several hours a day to the project, equally approximately 12 hours in total. In addition, the Reddit user revealed that they are relatively new to animation, making this Flygon clip even more noteworthy. "This is one of the first times ive tried more complex animation," they said.

In the post comments, numerous gamers appreciated patelike for making the Flygon animation. In fact, the clip has more than 7K upvotes in less than a day. Among the comments, many users enjoyed the setting, with some noting similarities to the animated show Avatar: The Last Airbender. In addition, several others said that the high-speed flapping of the wings added to the look of Flygon. “Love the rapid flapping of the wings like a dragonfly,” one user said.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of creations patelike and other talented artists come up with in the weeks ahead. New Pokemon-themed fan art is created each day, and many of these creations are worth checking out. For example, one gamer recently crocheted a giant Snorlax plush, giving fans an idea of what the pocket monster might look like in the real world. It seems likely that even more fan art will emerge in the days ahead as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are releasing DLC in the coming months, giving artists even more potential subject matter to find inspiration.

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