During a recent game of Overwatch 2, a Reinhardt player shows how effective coordinating abilities with Lifeweaver can be. While gamers have been making memorable plays in Overwatch 2 ever since the game was released in early access last October, the introduction of Lifeweaver has opened the door to more creative combo opportunities between heroes.

Overwatch 2 recently began Season 4, introducing a number of new additions to the game, such as a new map and battle pass. However, one of the most notable additions was Lifeweaver, the latest Support hero for Overwatch 2. The character has gained much attention due to his intriguing moveset, including the power to reposition teammates through the Petal Platform and Life Grip abilities. Recently, one gamer revealed how good coordinating with the new Legend during battle could be.

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Taking to Reddit, a user known as WanderingHanzo shared a clip from a recent game of Overwatch 2 in which they pulled off an incredible play as Reinhardt thanks to the help of a friendly Lifeweaver. The highlight happened on the Antarctic Peninsula map as the Reinhardt player stood on objective A. While it might have seemed they were planning on playing defensively on the point, their Lifeweaver ally had other ideas.

Shortly after the clip began, Lifeweaver could be seen taking a Petal Platform up into the air closer to the enemy team. Once they had road the object to its maximum height, the Support player jumped off and used Life Grip on Reinhardt. This launched the Tank player into the air, with the momentum of the grab sending them toward the opposing team. The Reinhardt player used this to their advantage, catching their opponents off guard with the Lifeweaver combo. Before the opposition had time to react, the Tank player landed and activated Earthshatter. Using the element of surprise supplemented by Lifeweaver, they managed to gain an impressive amount of eliminations.

Unsurprisingly, this latest highlight from WanderingHanzo has caught the attention of numerous members of the Overwatch 2 community on Reddit. In fact, the post has gained more than 2.7K upvotes in less than a day. While most complimented the gamer on their impressive play, others hoped that Lifeweaver’s abilities would not be nerfed in a future patch so that players could continue to try these types of highlights moving forward.

It is worth pointing out that not every Lifeweaver interaction has gone as well as the one seen in the clip uploaded by WanderingHanzo. Other clips have been shared showing Lifeweaver using his Life Grip ability to disrupt teammates as well. Regardless, it seems likely that many more plays featuring the Support will appear online in the days ahead.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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