Arceus has received a mecha version thanks to fan art created by one talented Pokemon fan, giving the Mythical pocket monster some serious Horizon series vibes. Despite there being more than 1,000 Pokemon in the franchise, few are as majestic as Arceus, making it an excellent subject for fan art.

While Arceus was introduced to the series in Generation 4, it is often referred to as the "the Original One." According to the lore, this Mythical Pokemon is supposedly the creator of the entire series’ universe. With this kind of reputation, one would expect the creature to have a striking design, and, fortunately, it does not disappoint. Recently, one gamer decided to give the Pokemon's design a makeover.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as shuxine shared their new concept art for Arceus, reimagining the Mythical Pokemon as a mechanical beast. In this new concept art, the Pokemon's massive body was composed of numerous small panels, evidencing its robotic nature. Interestingly, this design choice resembled the dinosaur-like machines in the Horizon series. Despite this stylistic decision, the artist managed to maintain the unmistakable look of Arceus seen in the Pokemon series. For example, it had its equine anatomy along with a similar color palette of white, gold, green, and gray.

While shunixe did not give any additional background on the design, many members of the Pokemon community have come up with their own ideas for what to call the mecha version of Arceus. In only a day, the Reddit post from the artist has gained traction with gamers, accumulating more than 10.7K upvotes and 262 comments. Besides complimenting the artwork, a number of fans thought that this mech version would work as a Paradox form if it were included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Several names suggested were “Iron Judgement,” "False Idol," and “Iron Will.”

While this mecha version of Arceus is stunning, it is not the only artwork created by shunixe. In fact, they have produced new forms for other Pokemon in the series as well. For example, they have made an ancient Paradox Form for Vaporeon, along with one for Noivern. In addition, they have created mecha versions of Evee and its evolutions.

This latest fan creation comes as gamers wait for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. Promising to add even more Pokemon to the Pokedex, it will be interesting to see what fan art talented artists such as shuxine decide to create based on the upcoming designs.

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