One Pokemon fan has made an incredible, albeit grotesque, recreation of Koffing, revealing what the pocket monster might look like in the real world. While there is seemingly no end to the amount of fan art produced by the Pokemon community, the disturbing appearance of the realistic version of Koffing is sure to stand out.

Despite there being a variety of grotesque and creepy Pokemon in the games, one of the earliest to be introduced in the series is Koffing. This Gen 1 Poison-type Pokemon evolves into the equally hideous Weezing and features a roughly spherical shape. One highlight of its predominantly purple-colored design is the gas it can produce. While Pokemon fans often make artwork featuring some of the franchise's more beautiful pocket monsters, such as Xerneas, one user decided that Koffing’s ugliness deserved to be featured as well.

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Recently, one Pokemon fan revealed how unsettling the design of Koffing could be in the real world. In a Reddit post, a user known as thatsvile shared pictures of their model of Koffing. In one of the images, the Reddit user held the disgusting creation in their hand, providing a good idea of how large the actual model is.

While the various design elements worked together to create a memorable recreation of Koffing, several details stood out. For example, thatsvile gave his creation a pair of realistic eyes and a tongue, which appeared moist. In addition, the purple body of Koffing was covered in protrusions that secreted green goo, suggesting that the Pokemon could expel toxic gas at any second. Besides holding it in their hand, thatsvile shared several other images of the creation, including one in the dark and another on a stand.

Unsurprisingly, this fan art has piqued the interest of numerous gamers online, with many saying how disgusting the model of Koffing looked. While these types of comments would usually be taken as criticism, given the intention of the design, calling the fan art “hideous” and “grotesque” were actually compliments. Since thatsvile shared the unusual creation on Reddit, over 7.8K users have upvoted the artwork. Among the comments, some users noted that the design seemed reminiscent of the art style seen in the Detective Pikachu movie, while others said the creature looked so hideous that it was impressive.

While there is unlikely anything else on the internet that looks like this creation from thatsvile, it is not the only fan art based on the Poison-type Pokemon that has been shared in the past. In fact, one gamer previously made an impressive claymation featuring Koffing, showing the Pokemon releasing a mustard-colored gas. It will be interesting to see what other unusual Pokemon-themed creations fans make in the weeks ahead.

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