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Jackie Chan John Cena Hidden Strike 1
Jackie Chan And John Cena's Action Movie Is Finally Coming Out (And there's A Trailer)

Jackie Chan and John Cena's Hidden Strike action movie sat in post-production limbo since 2018, but it finally released a trailer.

funniest-movie-deaths-arab-swordsman-raiders-of-the-lost-ark 1
The Boring But Practical Trope In Fiction, Explained

A flashy solution rarely solves problems. Sometimes the real answer happens to be big, dull, and obvious.

Phantom Blade 0 Nice Hat 1
Phantom Blade 0 Confirms Game Length and Multiplayer

The development team at S-Game confirms the game length and multiplayer mechanics of the samurai action game Phantom Blade 0.

unicorn-wars-feature-azulin-vs-unicorn 1
This Animated Movie Blends Cuteness With The Horrors of War

The provocative Unicorn Wars is the latest adult animated film from Alberto Vázquez. Here's what to know.

Promotional picture for Phantom Blade 0 1
Phantom Blade 0 is An Absolutely Wild Looking New Samurai Action Game for PS5

With its fast-paced combat and a decidedly unique setting and style, Phantom Blade 0 offers up a wildly original spin on the traditional action game.

lemon and tangerine bullet train Cropped 1
The Gambit Pileup Trope, Explained

When one character has an intricate scheme, it can be fun. When everyone has one, it can become a bit of a mess.

Surrogates-2009-Film-Bruce-Willis 1
Bruce Willis Stars In This Underrated Sci-Fi Thriller

Surrogates is a sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis that questions whether humans need robots, but why is the thriller underappreciated?

elden-ring-shadow-of-the-erdtree-boss-gamerant-2 1
Elden Ring's DLC Should Break Away From Dark Souls' Expansions in Two Big Ways

With Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree imminent, some fans hope the DLC gives them more bang for their buck than previous Dark Souls expansions.

fast-furious-car-crash Cropped 1
The Car Fu Trope In Action, Explained

When fists, knives, and guns simply won't get the job done, the only weapon left is the good old-fashioned automobile.

hogwarts-legacy-hagrid-forbidden-forest-spiders 1
Hogwarts Legacy Undermines Hagrid's Most Important Contribution to the Franchise

The inclusion of one type of creature in Hogwarts Legacy raises some questions about Hagrid's place in the wider Harry Potter canon.

13th-warrior Cropped 1
This Underrated Historical Action Epic Is Perfect For Skyrim Fans

The 13th Warrior is one of the biggest box-office bombs of all time, but it deserves attention for more than its awful reception.

Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi 1
The Villainous Breakdown Trope in Fiction, Explained

The antagonist is often so assured of their victory that when things start going badly, they start getting a bit unhinged.

black-knight-netflix Cropped 1
Black Knight Review

This Netflix adaptation of a webtoon is a solid post-apocalyptic action series about couriers with the world on their shoulders.

the-mother-jennier-lopez Cropped 1
The Mother Review

Jennifer Lopez returns to the action hero role for this bizarrely lifeless film about parenting under duress.

last-witch-hunter Cropped 1
This Forgotten Action Movie Is About Vin Diesel's Dungeons And Dragons Character

In The Last Witch Hunter, the star of the Fast & Furious saga finally shines a spotlight on his true love, his original D&D character, Kaulder.

The-Thinning-2016-Film 1
The Thinning: What Is Logan Paul's Sci-Fi Movie About?

Social media celebrity Logan Paul began his acting tenure in 2016 with The Thinning, which spawned one sequel, but what is the sci-fi thriller about?

kratos-god-of-war-ragnarok-the-northman-alexander-skarsgard-feature 1
God of War Ragnarok Fans Should Watch This Epic Nordic Action Movie

Looking for something with God of War Ragnarok vibes? The Northman is a good Kratos substitute.

dragon-tiger-gate Cropped 1
This Absurd Martial Arts Film Captures Donnie Yen At His Best

Released in 2006, Dragon Tiger Gate is an underrated Hong Kong action classic that makes its heroes feel like gods.

horizon-forbidden-west-sequel-stripped-back-approach 1
Why a Horizon Forbidden West Sequel Should Consider a 'Back to Basics' Approach

With the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games might want to consider a stripped-back approach when it comes to combat and other elements.

An Image From The Crow 1
This Classic 90s Action Film Is Partially Responsible For The John Wick Franchise

Chad Stahelski, the director of all four chapters in the John Wick saga, got his start in another classic revenge movie.