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Stardew Valley has had great modder support from day one. One-man dev team ConcernedApe makes mod compatibility a point. The game certainly isn't lacking in content, but there's a tremendous amount of fan-made add-ons. Mods range from simple sprite changes to completely new characters.

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Because Stardew Valley is a popular game that's easy to work with, sifting through mods can be a chore. Should they start with simple gameplay tweaks or go for expansions that add hours of playtime? Looking at the number of endorsements on the popular mod site Nexus is a good way to gauge which mods are on top.

Updated on March 27, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: Stardew Valley charmed everyone with its amazing art style, charming characters, and fun gameplay, quickly becoming one of the most played simulation titles of all time. This indie gem is a great example of what developers with lower budgets can achieve, with Stardew Valley being a masterful title that many fans are still playing to this day.

A huge reason why players love this game is because of the many ways they can mod the title, with the best ones for this game from Nexus Mods being downright necessary for one's playthrough in the eyes of many fans.

20 Farm Type Manager (FTM)

Stardew-Valley-Silo (1)

Players who have played through Stardew Valley many times and don't really want to make a farm from scratch can use this mod to great effect. It may count as cheating, but many players have already put hundreds of hours into Stardew Valley and don't want to go through the early game for the umpteenth time.

It's a simple yet great mod that players can use to customize their game in no time flat. As long as players aren't worried about taking the ethical route, FTM can be a downright godsend because of its utility!

19 Generic Mod Config Menu

Generic Mod Config Menu mod for Stardew Valley

Any modder would attest to the fact that having the option to configure a mod from within the game itself is a boon. As a result, many mods for Stardew Valley come with support for the Generic Mod Config Menu.

As the name suggests, this mod adds a section in the menu that allows players to customize the variables of any fan-made content and tweaks added to the game. It doesn't take a genius to realize why this mod can be so helpful, especially since players don't want to exit Stardew Valley every time they wish to make a simple tweak or anything else along the same lines.

18 Seasonal Outfits

Stardew Valley Winter Mystery Krobus Location

Stardew Valley goes through many seasons, making the game's visual variety shine even more. However, for the most part, the characters in the village don't change their outfits in accordance with the weather, which is a shame.

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The Seasonal Outfits mod ensures that this aspect of the game's immersion is heightened. Now, everyone will change their outfits in accordance with each season, which makes for a simple yet welcome inclusion in a game that sells itself quite a bit on its charm.

17 Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion

Stardew-Valley-Marriage-Shane (1)

There are many amazing characters in Stardew Valley, and players will love interacting with them. Helping these characters out and bonding with them increases their heart level, which can lead to everything from deeper relationships to full-blown romances!

However, veterans of the game may quickly recognize that some characters are repeating the same line of dialogue over and over again. This can be averted with the Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion mod, with adds over 2600 lines of dialogue for each major NPC in the game!

16 Better Artisan Good Icons


There are many food items that players can make from different materials in Stardew Valley. However, while their properties may be different, the icon representing them in the game is the same throughout, which can be quite irritating for some players.

This issue becomes a thing of the past with the Better Artisan Good Icons mod. It adds icons of different colors for wines, jelly, honey, pickles, and juice based on the raw material they're made out of, which is helpful for obvious reasons.

15 Loved Labels

Stardew Valley Loved Labels Mod

In order to get better animal products and therefore get more profit, players will need to increase their friendship level with their animals. This means players have to pet their animals on a daily basis to make sure they receive their share of love.

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With big farms, however, it's easy to lose track of which animal has been interacted with on that day. The Loved Labels mod tells players exactly which animal still needs love, and which ones have been petted that day. This Stardew Valley mod even works for the player's farm pet.

14 Experience Bars

Stardew Valley XP Bars Mod

Gaining experience is the top priority for new players in Stardew Valley. It lets players advance their key skills, unlock recipes, professions and become more efficient with farming and other activities. However, tracking that experience can be a hassle given the game doesn't have a clear XP tracking bar.

The Experience Bars mod introduces much more accurate and detailed experience tracking bars into the game. Players will be able to see at all times how much they've gained and how much they still need to attain the next level in a set skill. It's an incredibly useful Stardew Valley mod.

13 Better Ranching

Stardew Valley Player Inside Barn Mod

Taking care of cows and sheep is a staple part of the game, but it can get pretty infuriating for players trying to shear or milk their farm animals. Sometimes, players will miss the target and do the animation without receiving an item in return.

The Better Ranching mod will tell players exactly when they're in the proper position to perform these activities. No more standing around and trying to shear or milk the air! It's honestly a quality-of-life change that should be in the game by default.

12 Chests Anywhere

Stardew Valley Chest Contents Mod

One of the more tedious features of Stardew Valley is the fact that players have to walk around to get to various containers and chests. Thankfully, this Chests Anywhere mod lets players open their chests and other containers like the fridge from just about anywhere.

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It's definitely a major time-saver for players, who can even open up any of their containers while adventuring in the mines or fishing on the beach. With the Ginger Island update, this Stardew Valley mod comes especially in handy.

11 Stardew Valley Anime Mod

Stardew Valley Anime Portrait Mod

Players tired of seeing the same portrait on Pelican Town's classic characters should try the Stardew Valley Anime Mod. This completely changes the portraits of the characters to a more anime-friendly style, perfect for fans of anime shows.

Even though the change is quite noticeable, each character still retains their classic, easy-to-recognize appearance. So, even with this Stardew Valley mod active, players won't get confused about who they're romancing or speaking to.

10 Winter Grass

Stardew Valley Winter Grass Mod

Grass plants don't survive Stardew Valley's winter. Makes logical sense, but it's a pain for livestock lovers. When Spring comes again, all that grass has to be replanted, and it'll take some time for the meadow to come back. Without a Silo, farmers have to buy hay from Marnie, and the cost adds up.

Cat's Winter Grass mod makes the grass hardier. It won't spread during the winter, but it can be reaped and grazed. The grass sprite also turns a seasonally appropriate icy blue, which is a nice touch.

9 Skull Cavern Elevator

Stardew Valley Skull Cavern Elevator Mod

In the Stardew Valley mine, there's a convenient elevator that takes players to every fifth floor they've visited. This isn't in Calico Desert's Skull Cavern. That means players have to start from the very first floor whenever they go mining. It's a pain, and the Skull Cavern is already painful enough.

The Skull Cavern Elevator mod is exactly what it says on the tin. It adds an elevator to the Skull Cavern. Dr. Harvey will probably appreciate it on his repeated trips to drag fainted farmers out of the mine.

8 Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Stardew Valley Expanded - SVE for short - is quite a different breed from the other popular mods. Most are minor gameplay tweaks or quality-of-life changes. Meanwhile, SVE is a massive content expansion, boasting 24 new NPCs and an alleged 30 extra hours of play.

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This Stardew Valley mod is a lot. Not just stopping at new characters, it adds new fish, extra farm layouts, and an additional JojaMart storyline. Creator Flash says their goal is to "give the player the magical feeling they had when they first played Stardew Valley." And it's not even finished yet - updates come out pretty regularly.

7 Gift Taste Helper

Gift Taste Helper Menu Stardew Valley Best Mods

If players are sick of having a Wiki window open whenever they play, then the Gift Taste Helper will be right up their alley. This Stardew Valley mod displays a tooltip showing a character's favorite gifts when hovering over their social page entry. A simple mod, sure, but it's effective.

There's also a "progression" mode. Favorite gifts will only show in the tooltip if the player gave the gift already. And it's compatible with every language, so this mod has room for every kind of player.

6 Tractor Mod

Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

There's something about tilling fields by hand that's a little too Stone Age. 21st-century farmers should check out the Tractor Mod. Robin can build a garage with an included tractor in exchange for a small fortune in Iridium and Gold. It's very much endgame content, but it kicks farming efficiency into high gear.

The Tractor doesn't just till - it harvests, plants, and waters depending on what tool is active when it's selected. With a melee weapon equipped, running over monsters will damage them. This is disabled by default due to being "overpowered and not recommended [for] a balanced playthrough." But it sure sounds fun.

5 UI Info Suite

Stardew Valley UI Info Mod Cropped

According to creator cdaragorn, UI Info Suite is "designed to help players be aware of what's going on without feeling like they're cheating." That last part may be subjective, but there's no doubt this mod is helpful. It provides a variety of quality-of-life changes that will make farmers wonder how they ever managed before.

Some of the things this Stardew Valley mod can do: display an icon above unpetted animals, highlight items needed for bundles, show EXP gains, and display the watering range when placing sprinklers. Each change can be turned on or off individually as the player sees fit.

4 Automate

Stardew Valley Automate Mod

Ever used a Hopper for automatic smithing or cooking in Minecraft? The Automate mod is very similar. Placing a chest next to a machine like a furnace will pull raw items from the chest and place products back in. Multiple machines can be connected to one chest, and paths can link objects together across a distance.

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Chests can link up with much more than crafting machines. Fruit trees, bee houses, and even wild berry bushes work. It's also compatible with many other custom machine Stardew Valley mods.

3 Lookup Anything

Stardew Valley Lookup Anything Mod

Seeing a bit of a trend? Many Stardew Valley mods provide the player with extra information to help them have a bit more control. Lookup Anything is the mother of all these mods. When they say anything, they truly mean anything.

Pressing F1 while pointing the cursor at something will display its data. The mod shows ideal gifts for characters, monsters' stats, and how long a fence will last before it decays. It also has a data mining option that displays the raw code to help out those making their own mods. Like Gift Taste Helper, there's a progression mode.

2 CJB Cheats Menu & Item Spawner

Stardew Valley CJB Cheats Mod

This entry actually covers two Stardew Valley mods, but they're made by the same person and work similarly. The item spawner spawns items, naturally. Any item in the game can be given out, and there's an option to adjust quality.

The cheats menu is a bit more interesting. Sure, there are the typical cheats like free money or max friendship. Some of the "cheats" are more tweaks, though. A feature common in the Story of Seasons series is time-freezing when players enter a building. This isn't in Stardew Valley, which is a bit of a grievance for some. CJB Cheats Menu has the option to add this.

1 NPC Map Locations

Stardew Valley NPC Map Mod

With over 45,000 endorsements and 2.3 million downloads, this is the most popular Stardew Valley mod on Nexus. It's a humble mod - it shows the current location of each character when pulling up the map. Considering how annoying it can be to track down certain townsfolk, this is a massive help, and it's such a small change it's hard to call it a cheat.

Many little things set this mod apart. There's an included minimap function. The mod is also compatible with many recolor mods as well as mods that change characters' sprites. It also tracks players, which is very useful for multiplayer mode.

Stardew Valleywas released on February 26, 2016, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

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