Some Destiny 2 fans criticize the season's lack of a new Ritual Armor Set and call Bungie out for broken promises and greedy business practices. Destiny 2's Season 21, Season of the Deep, launched on May 23, but it seems that not everyone is happy with the new update.

Destiny 2 launched in September 2017 to a generally positive reception, and Bungie has continued to expand upon it with regular content updates. Destiny 2's latest Season of the Deep sees players exploring the methane oceans of Saturn's moon Titan. However, while the sci-fi FPS MMO remains popular, there are times when it can be hard to tell whether Destiny 2's success is because of or despite Bungie's actions.

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Multiple Destiny 2 players complain that Season of the Deep lacks a Ritual Armor Set. Destiny 2's Ritual Armors are special equipment players unlock by completing specific mission playlists. Bungie previously said that the Ritual Armor Set rewards would reset as part of the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion, which launched in February 2023. However, that never materialized, and "Season of the Deep" doesn't seem to have a new Ritual Armor set either. Destiny 2 is supposed to refresh its Ritual Armor rewards every year, and players are upset that Bungie seems to be neglecting this part of its game.

Destiny 2 fans also have other complaints about Season of the Deep. Reddit user kristijan1001 pointed out that in addition to the lack of a new Ritual set, Bungie seems to be leaning too heavily on its Eververse Store. For example, Season of the Deep includes a new premium armor set that players can buy for Silver, an in-game currency that players buy with real money. However, it does not have a new armor set that players can buy with Dust, a currency earned in-game. Previous Destiny 2 seasons featured both, but the new "Season of the Deep" armor set seems to be Silver only.

Overall, Season of the Deep seems to have a lot of squandered potential. The promise of underwater missions was appealing, and it had an opportunity to bring some new life to Bungie's sci-fi MMO. However, some fans were underwhelmed by the underwater gameplay and criticized the lack of combat. Others have expressed concerns that Season of the Deep is pushing Destiny 2 closer to being pay-to-win. Destiny 2 might not be there yet, but it's a valid concern.

Meanwhile, there is definitely a lot of grumbling in the Destiny 2 community. That doesn't necessarily mean that people will start abandoning the game in droves. However, at least a few users on the game's subreddit say they are considering moving on from Destiny 2 in favor of other games, and many others seem to be out of patience and may not be far behind. After all, it's not like there aren't plenty of great MMOs available.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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