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Dead Island 2 dropped in April 2023 after a turbulent nine-year development period. The game is packed full of retro energy, campy dialogue, terrifying Zombies, and powerful weapons as players make their way through a twisted, zombie-infested version of Los Angeles.

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Fans of the series will be happy to see it expanded on the best parts of the previous titles while giving new players a solid introduction to the chaos that are Dead Island Zombies. Dead Island 2 features entirely new Heroes - now called Slayers - Apex Zombies, Legendary weapons, and an intriguing story that pushes players through Hell-A to uncover secrets behind the outbreak. In addition, with solo and co-op play available, the zombie-slasher experience can be whatever players make it. Here's a complete guide meant to help players find weapons, unlock areas, beat bosses, and harness their powers in Dead Island 2.

This complete guide to Dead Island 2 is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.