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God of War: Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony interactive Entertainment. It serves as the sequel to God of War (2018) and the conclusion to Kratos and Atreus' journey through Scandinavia. Loosely based on Norse mythology, players will fight mythological creatures while witnessing the events of Ragnarok.

God of War
PS4, PS5
November 9, 2022
Santa Monica Studio
Action, Adventure
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latest God of War: Ragnarok Articles

santa-monica-studios-god-of-war-hiring 1
God of War Developer Hiring for 'New Unannounced Title'

A number of recent job listings posted by God of War developer Santa Monica Studio hints that it may have a new game in development.

god-of-war-ragnarok-sad-atreus 1
God of War Ragnarok Glitch Turns Atreus Into Hermes

A God of War Ragnarok clip showcases a new glitch that makes it appear as if Atreus can’t stop running back and forth, and he can’t stop himself.

Screenshot of Kratos travelling between realms in God of War Ragnarok 1
God of War Ragnarok Bug Gives Kratos Wall Hacks

A player of Sony Santa Monica Studio's acclaimed God of War Ragnarok shows Kratos clipping through level geometry after encountering a strange bug.

God of War 2018 Intro 1
God of War Shouldn’t Feel the Need to Hang Onto Its Most Cinematic Feature

God of War and its sequel both implemented a wide variety of highly cinematic techniques, but there's one that it shouldn't feel the need to keep.

God_of_War_Ragnarok_Textless_Splash 1
Santa Monica Studio Appears to be Hiring for God of War Ragnarok's Sequel

A job listing on the Santa Monica Studio website indicates a new entry in the God of War franchise may be starting development.

best character development moments odin asgard 1
God Of War Ragnarok Leaves A Hole That An Atreus Game Has To Fill

Of the many questions God Of War Ragnarok leaves unanswered, one of the biggest unknowns revolves around Atreus and his ever-evolving arsenal.

god of war raf grassetti 1
God of War Just Lost an Important Piece of Its Puzzle

God of War's future is as open-ended as Santa Monica Studio's, and that has been made markedly clear with one seminal developer leaving recently.

god of war ragnarok heimdall fight kratos freya 1
Neat God of War Ragnarok Video Shows Player Acting Like Heimdall in Thor Fight

A God of War: Ragnarok player shows off a video where they emulate Heimdall's fighting style and tactics during Thor's boss fight.

god-of-war-ragnarok-berserker-king-fight 1
God of War Ragnarok Player Points Out Clever Cory Barlog Tribute

A newly discovered easter egg in God of War: Ragnarok references one of the most important people behind the scenes of the series.

jedi 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the God of War Ragnarok of Its Franchise

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and God of War Ragnarok interestingly commit to similar story beats presented through their respective protagonists.

God of War Ragnarok Kratos and Atreus 1
God of War Ragnarok Art Director is Leaving Sony

God of War Ragnarok art director Rafael Grassetti leaves Sony after nearly a decade with the company and over seven years at Santa Monica Studio.

god-of-war-ragnarok-spider-man-miles-morales-kratos-atreus 1
God of War Could Pull a Spider-Man: Miles Morales at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase

With the 2023 PlayStation Showcase recently announced, God of War can steal the show by following a trend started by Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

God-of-war-ragnarok-atreus-kratos-hug 1
God of War: The Case for a Return to Greece

The events of God of War Ragnarok not only mark the start of Atreus' journey but might also lead him to his father's complicated past.

Screenshot of Freya from God of War Ragnarok 1
God of War Ragnarok Player Discovers Incredible Freya Detail

A player of Santa Monica Studio’s critically acclaimed God of War Ragnarok captures video of an incredible Freya detail in the game’s Photo Mode.

god-of-war-thor-upper-body 1
God of War: Ragnarok's Thor Struts Proudly After Breaking the Game

Thor struts away from Kratos after punching an undying draugr off the screen in a hilarious viral God of War: Ragnarok video.

Uncharted 5 god of war ragnarok-1 1
A New Uncharted Can Steal One Big Thing From God of War Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok told an emotional story between father and son and learning to let go, something that a new Uncharted can emulate.

god of war santa monica studio future 1
It's Time for Santa Monica Studio to Expand Beyond God of War

God of War is one of the most popular action adventure franchises, but the studio behind it should take a break and explore new ideas.

God of War Ragnarok Svartalfheim 1
God of War Abandoning Norse Mythology Comes With One Major Downside

God of War's Norse Saga has come to a close, and with it comes one major downside for the next entry in the mythological franchise.

God of War Ragnarok Cover 1
The Next God of War Game Can Learn From One Ragnarok Mistake

God of War Ragnarok is a great game, and it sets some impressive groundwork for a sequel, though there's one mistake the next game should learn from.

angry-kratos-gow 1
Confusing God of War Ragnarok Clip Shows Kratos Refusing to Die

A God of War Ragnarok player shares a confusing clip, in which Kratos is seemingly killed by an enemy attack but he then refuses to die.