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Despite a myriad of technical and performance-related issues and some of the worst reviews in the 25-year history of the series, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are still highly enjoyable games. This is because they make some pretty drastic changes to the series' tried and tested formula, building on many of the great ideas first showcased with the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus ten months prior.

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Never before have mainline Pokemon games offered quite so much to do, with three main story paths to follow and more than a hundred new Pokemon for players to track down and catch. Players hoping to experience everything that's on offer can expect to sink at least 30 hours into the game, though Game Rant's complete guide and walkthrough for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet should help to speed up the process.

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Inteleon Tera Raid Event Guide

Every Mystery Gift (& How to Claim Them)