While Pokemon Unite isn’t necessarily a more technically-intensive MOBA unlike the likes of League of Legends and DOTA 2, there’s a certain technical finesse required when dealing with extremely fast-paced encounters and strategizing against specific kinds of foes. And for players who love to be in a position of long-ranged supremacy, then perhaps Duradulon might be an excellent choice for a Ranged Attacker.

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Compared to other Attackers in the Pokemon Unite, Duradulon has a keen priority in striking from a distance. However, players do need to grapple with this Pokemon’s lack of mobility and defenses. While this can make Duradulon a less than ideal option for hardcore players, there are ways of ensuring this Pokemon is able to contend with various opponents. However, just how should players maximize Duraludon’s strengths and compensate for its inherent weaknesses?

Duraludon: The Essentials


Compared to other available Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Duraludon is one that players may consider a hard Attacker. While not necessarily predictable, the slower nature of Duraludon makes it an easy target for most opponents. However, when built correctly, this kind of underestimation is precisely what Duraludon needs, as its long-ranged specialization makes it perfect for enemies to taste a mean Dragon Pulse when they get close enough.

General Strengths

Similar to other Ranged Attackers among the roster of Pokemon Unite MOBA characters, Duraludon boasts quite the slate of long ranged attacks. Even its standard attacks are fairly quick, making it a rather reliable Pokemon in heated engagements. Moreover, its strong AOE toolkit makes it a decent contender against multiple opponents.

General Weaknesses

Being a long-ranged Attacker, Duraludon suffers heavily from its lack of defenses. Moreover, its lack of proper mobility makes Duraludon rather fragile in face of real danger. Lastly, its Unite Move takes a bit to fully activate. In turn, players of Duraludon need to get their timing in check, or it will definitely spell trouble for them.

Relevant Characteristics

Duraludon stats
  • Tier: B
  • Role: Attacker. Duraludon has a highly aggressive toolkit, making it perfect for offensive plays.
  • Attack Type: Ranged. Compared to other Attackers, Duraludon relies on long-ranged attacks to be effective. It doesn’t have close-ranged options.
  • Damage Type: Physical. Duraludon has a more straightforward Physical Damage setting to its attacks, making it more effective against most foes.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate. The rather weak constitution and low mobility of Duraludon adds a challenge for its efficiency.

Being an Attacker, Duraludon excels in long-ranged incursions and dominating enemies from afar. With the right assist, its Physical Ranged prowess can easily make quick work of opponents. However, its lack of defenses and rather subpar speed make him a rather unideal choice for the solo player, and the rather position-intensive nature of its kit can make Duraludon a rather tricky Pokemon to master.

Relevant Statistics

  • Offense: 4.5. Duraludon is one of the more attack-savvy Pokemon in the game, making it a powerhouse in long-range, provided there’s enough room for maneuvering.
  • Defense: 2. Despite its size, Duraludon doesn’t have a lot of defensive options in its arsenal. Being in a middle of a firefight without an out can spell trouble.
  • Mobility: 2.5. On top of its mediocre Defense is average Mobility. Duraludon is rather slow, meaning its attacks should always be from places where he can move around.
  • Scoring: 2.5. Being a long-ranged specialist, Duraludon isn’t an ideal Pokemon to use for active Scoring.
  • Support: 1.5. Its lack of utility makes Duraludon unideal for Support roles.

Despite its stats making Duraludon hard set to become an Attacker, its lack of defenses and mobility options make it extremely vulnerable. Fans of Pokemon Unite gameplay need to ensure Duraludon is able to compensate for its lack of speed with items that allow it to escape or a means to eliminate enemies quickly.

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The Best Duraludon Build: Secure Burst Damage For The Kills

Duraludon with a finisher

When making a Duraludon build in Pokemon Unite, it’s important to understand its strength in slowly building damage through its toolkit. Its Dragon Pulse is easily its best asset, and being able to curate builds to accommodate the continuous activation of this ability. Players should always find ways to be able to strike and mark opponents quickly so Dragon Pulse meets maximum DPS, while at the same time being fast enough to avoid retaliation.

Dragon Pulse Domination

Duraludon in the battlefield
  • Move Order: Stealth Rock - Basic - Basic - Basic - Basic - Dragon Pulse - Basic - Basic - Basic

Fans of Pokemon Unite gameplay need to remember that Duraludon plays with special mechanics that boost its performance depending on the number of marks in an area. Key to this moveset are Stealth Rock and Dragon Pulse, with the former enabling Duraludon to spread marks across opponents much faster while having Dragon Pulse unleash a devastating AOE finish to pummel them as much as possible. An integral component here isn’t to make Duraludon the primary damage dealer, but an AOE DPS to remove as much HP as possible so the rest of the team can finish off the opposing team.

Must-Have Items: Prioritize Speed Compensation

Duraludon’s lack of speed and defenses means Items it possesses must compensate for this glaring flaw. Players should use Battle Items that can give Duraludon opportunities to make quick exits, while Held Items should at least enable Duraludon to eliminate opponents in Pokemon Unite gameplay fast enough that they don’t get to strike a counter.

  • Battle Item: X Speed

Due to Duraludon’s lack of movement options, it makes sense for its support items to be designed specifically to help him compensate for this glaring weakness. This comes in the form of X Speed, a Battle Item that precisely increases Duraludon’s movement speed to help it get a bit of an edge in engagements where both timing and aiming are necessary.

  • Held Item: Muscle Band

Given Duraludon’s nature as a heavy long-ranged attacker, punishing opponents who have low HP can be a helpful asset to ensure Duraludon finishes off enemies before they even get a chance to strike back. Muscle Band works in this regard as a Held Item, especially since basic attacks get 1-percent to 3-percent boost depending on the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP. This is on top of Stat Boosts that improve Duraludon’s attack and attack speed.

Alternate Duraludon Builds

Duraludon unleashing an attack

Different takes on the Duraludon build in their Pokemon gameplay still capitalizes on the Pokemon’s ability to stay put and provide pressure to opponents. Key here is for players to give their Duraludon room to maneuver, especially given its fragile nature. Some build examples here incentivize Duraludon staying put or making quick work of leveling up in the Jungle - both of which should allow it to eventually have what it takes to take on opponents near the endgame.

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Flash Cannon Turret

Duraludon launching a direct attack
  • Move Order: Dragon Tail - Basic - Flash Cannon - Basic - Basic - Basic - Basic - Dragon Tail - Basic

While Duraludon specializes in becoming an AOE behemoth against opponents, it can very well become a devastating turret when positioned correctly. This build capitalizes on this pattern, wherein Duraludon is positioned properly with Dragon Tail, with Flash Cannon becoming a single-target devastator. Since Duraludon trades off its AOE competence with that of single-target destruction, the team needs to compensate by having a separate AOE specialist.

Jungle Speedster

Duraludon releasing an attack
  • Move Order: Basic - Basic - Dragon Tail - Basic - Dragon Pulse

It’s granted that Duraludon can deal mean damage provided it’s able to hit enemies accurately - something its low mobility can make rather tricky to pull off. This is where the build comes in, wherein Duraludon relies on Dragon Tail for both decent damage and repositioning, and then getting that aim right via the devastating AOE of Dragon Pulse. The build deals decent damage, but is a rather sub-par middle line between high-AOE damage Dragon Pulse Domination and positioning-heavy Flash Cannon Turret.

Playstyle: Pressure But Avoid Being Pressured

Duraludon trading blows

Using Duraludon as a Pokemon Unite character is a double-edged sword, especially since it’s efficiency in pressure opponents out of defensive locations and chokepoints is only as effective until enemies get the jump on it and corner it. Duraludon is naturally weak to bursts and crowd control, meaning it’s highly recommended for Duraludon to eliminate foes quickly by marking them and using Dragon Pulse to eliminate them as fast as possible. When aided by another Pokemon, Duraludon can at least wait for its companion to whittle the life of the enemy before rushing in for a Dragon Pulse finish.

Lane Recommendations: Protect The Points

Duraludon scoring a point

While not necessarily a tank, Duraludon’s potential as a turret means it’s likely more effective in defending positions instead of going straight for the attack. That means Duraludon is better positioned in either the Top Lane or the Bottom Lane, both of which have a number of spots that it can protect and easy access for retreat.

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  • Bottom: Despite being longer by nature compared to the Top Lane, the fewer events happening in Bottom Lane can make it an ideal place for Duraludon to have a more “peaceful” time leveling up. While enemies may also pick Bottom for the same reason, Duraludon may be able to dominate them in the damage department.
  • Top: The number of defensible locations on Top Lane make it an ideal place for Duraludon to hang out in. The shorter distance in the Lane also makes it a great environment for Duraludon to make quick retreats and fast comebacks, giving players more incentive to use this as a training ground.

Leveling Approach: Slow But Steady

Given Duraludon’s rather weak constitution as a Pokemon character, its more optimal leveling strategy has to do with playing it safe and only rushing for the kill whenever it’s safe to do so. This might mean players don’t see action quickly, but leveling Duraludon in an efficient manner can easily let them participate in battles much earlier. Recommended strategies include:

  • Stay safe from Level 1 to 5: Since Duraludon is fairly weak in the early stages of the match, players should take advantage of Junglers and other Pokemon duking it out and instead grow in level in the sidelines.
  • Secure objectives from Level 5 to 9: Duraludon can only begin getting aggressive once it gets Dragon Pulse, as this serves as its main damage option. In these levels, Duraludon is advised to accompany allies once in a while and secure control points, along with eliminating Regieleki, as well as Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.
  • Get an attack rotation from Level 10: Beginning Level 10, it’s advisable for players to setup a farming rotation or Duraludon to be able to secure kills safely. Aside from farming wild Pokemon, it’s advisable they at least find a way to team up with allies whenever there are team fights, as well as eliminating Rayquaza as often as possible. The right spamming of Dragon Pulse to build DPS should be able to defeat him with the aid of a few allies.

Matchup Considerations: Support Is King

Duraludon launching an attack

Regardless of what kind of matchups Duraludon has in Pokemon Unite gameplay, it’s advisable for players to have Duraludon followed by an ally and avoid foes that can call for backup. Duraludon is proof that there’s success in numbers, and being able to have an ally that can take on foes or aid via heals and buffs can make Duraludon a more effective combatant.

  • Teammate: Machamp, Eldegoss. The best teammates for Duraludon are ones that can protect it. Machamp’s sheer defenses can force enemies to focus on it instead, whereas Eldegoss’ buffs can give Duraludon the kind of support it needs for sustained firepower.
  • Hard Counters: Talonflame, Lucario. Duraludon almost always fails to survive encounters with burst-specializing Pokemon, which can make the likes of Talonflame and Lucario deadly opponents. Talonflame can ruin Duraludon’s positioning, while Lucario’s durability can make it a tough opponent to defeat.

Pokemon Unite is available for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

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