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Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a free-to-play mobile release that gives players the ability to battle against some of the biggest and best trainers in the series. Players can also recruit some of these trainers during their journey.

Android, iOS
August 29, 2019
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pokemon-masters-ex-player-pikachu 1
Pokemon Masters EX: Best Player & Pikachu Sync Grid Build

Pokemon Masters EX Player/Pikachu Sync Pair packs a lethal Thunderbolt attack but also has the ability to support its allies with healing options.

Pokemon 2023 1
What to Expect From the Pokemon Franchise in 2023

Between upcoming new content with updates and DLC for its current games to huge changes to its anime, 2023 looks set to be a big year for Pokemon.

gardevoir eevee eternatus mobile game gimmick scarlet violet 1
How Pokemon Masters EX Can Adapt Scarlet and Violet's Terastallization

Pokemon Masters EX evolves with each new Generation, and its take on the Terastal phenomenon can learn from prior gimmicks like Mega Evolution.

pokemon-masters-ex-update-adds-trainer-customization-options-ash-candice-aaron-flannery-raihan-gamerant 1
Pokemon Masters EX Update Adds Trainer Customization Options

Right in time for the holiday season, Pokemon Masters EX introduces new trainer customization options, allowing players to upgrade their avatars.

Red in Pokemon Masters EX 1
Pokemon Masters EX Continues to Give Red the Respect He Deserves

The 3rd anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX represents the iconic veteran trainer Red in a way that gives him the respect he deserves.

dena mobile game character diversity 1
Pokemon Masters EX Should Give Generic Trainers More Time to Shine

Pokemon Masters EX highlights characters across the series, but a recent Sightseer addition could open a new era for generic Trainer classes too.

dena mobile game rosa cynthia silver trainers lodge reward 1
Pokemon Masters EX's New Trainer Lodge Boosts Its Character-Building Potential

Pokemon Masters EX adds a dating sim-adjacent mechanic for its third anniversary, but more character-building details are where it shines.

Pokemon-Masters-EX-Victory-Road 1
Pokemon Masters EX Adding Trainer Lodge to Celebrate Anniversary

Pokemon Masters EX fans are excited, as they will be able to celebrate the game’s third anniversary with the recently revealed Trainer’s Lodge.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Game Appearances 1
Every Pokemon Game to Feature Ash Ketchum

There are plenty of iconic Pokemon across generations, but the anime's Ash Ketchum has also grown prominent enough for games to reference him.

pokemon-journeys-ash-ketchum 1
Ash Ketchum is Finally Coming Back to Pokemon Games

Ash Ketchum is the main character of the popular Pokemon anime and he finally makes a proper debut in his first Pokemon video game.

dena mobile game dragon type character additions 1
Pokemon Masters EX's Zygarde Is Emblematic of Larger Team Building Issues

Pokemon Masters EX celebrates the franchise with a drip-feed of characters, but Serena and Zygarde represent larger issues with DeNA's choices.

Pokemon Masters EX Victory Road 1
Pokemon Masters EX Adding New Victory Road Content

Pokemon Presents reveals Pokemon Masters EX will be getting new Victory Road content in celebration of the game's anniversary.

pokemon-day-2022-daily-announcements 1
New Pokemon Announcements Happening All Week in Celebration of Pokemon Day

The Pokemon Company reveals daily announcements are coming for several Pokemon games leading up to Sunday's Pokemon Day celebration.

pokemon masters ex fixes pokemon sun and moon issue cosmog solgaleo lunala nebby lillie sync pair story 1
Pokemon Masters EX Fixes One of The Biggest Story Issues With Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon's character arcs had a big issue that Pokemon Masters EX fixes with a wholesome backstory for Lillie's iconic Sync Pair.

ghost zone effect ghost wish move game freak dena 1
Pokemon Masters EX: Giratina's 'Zones' Mechanic Should Carry Into the Main Series

The spin-off mobile game Pokemon Masters EX introduces 'Zones' through Cynthia and Giratina, which is an idea that mainline entries should adopt.

Pokemon Masters EX Cynthia Renegade 1
Pokemon Masters EX Event Focuses on Team Galactic, Giratina, and Cynthia

The next Pokemon Masters EX Villain Event will focus on Sinnoh, complete with Cyrus, Team Galactic, and a new Sygna Suit version of Cynthia.

nintendo dena mobile game crossover potential sword shield legends arceus 1
Pokemon Masters EX Needs to Work On Its Promotional Events

Pokemon Masters EX has a pattern of weak promotions for games like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that it should address before Legends: Arceus.

Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Legends Arceus 1
Everything Announced at the Pokemon Presents Event on August 18

The most recent Pokemon Presents shared a lot of new info for current and future Pokemon games, including Legends and the Diamond & Pearl remakes.

mega evolution theory sword shield 1
Pokemon Masters' Eternatus Event Suggests Mega Evolution Isn't Dead

Pokemon Masters EX introduces Eternatus and Dynamax Pokemon for its second anniversary, but also opens the door for Mega Evolution to return.

Pokemon Spin Off Tiers 1
Pokemon Spin-Off Tier List

There has been an incredible number of Pokemon spin-off games over the years, covering a wide range of genres but with varying degrees of reception.