Pokemon Masters EX has a wide variety of sync pairs to collect and build teams with. Players first start off their journey with their own customizable player and a companion Pikachu. The electric mouse Pokemon packs a powerful special attack stat of 359, and paired with its 300-speed stat, Pikachu is a viable sync pair that continues to be versatile in later stages of the game.

An important aspect of building upon its usage of Thunderbolt, Pikachu's highest-damage move, the focus should be put on building up the sync grid and prioritizing certain branches to maximize damage output and strengthen some status conditions. Of course, having a sync move of at least 3 out of 5 makes things easier to work around, which is what will be required to complete the following builds for this Pokemon Masters EX sync pair.

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Best Build For Player/Pikachu in Pokemon Masters EX


Main Stats target:

  • Potion: Master Healer/MP Refresh
  • Thundershock: Hostile Environment
  • Thunderbolt: Power Reserves

Best strategies:

  1. Minimal Potion - 3/5
  2. Minimal Potion + Full Heal/Less Para
  3. Minimal Potion + Full Para/Less Heal
  4. Thunderbolt Striker - 3/5
  5. Thunderbolt Striker + Full Power Reserves

Best Support Build For Player/Pikachu In Pokemon Masters EX


The Player/Pikachu sync pair already comes prepared with the Potion heal, which heals an ally's HP by approximately 40% of its maximum HP and can be used twice in battle. This sets up perfectly for Pikachu to be a valuable support player, and the sync grid can be built around it.

Unlike Ash Ketchum's sync pair with Pikachu, the Player/Pikachu sync grid can focus on healing up allies by prioritizing the top half, which places emphasis on Pikachu's Master Healer 1 ability.

Players can acquire this attribute twice along with MP Refresh 3 stat, which will both increase the amount of HP Pikachu's Potion will replenish along with restoring 40% of an ally's MP if the move is successful.

An alternative strategy to give Pikachu a good balance between support and attack is to place some focus on its Thundershock: Hostile Environment ability, which raises the chance of causing a status condition when landing a successful move. Being capable of inflicting a status condition while healing up your party makes Pikachu one of the better support units in the game.

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Another perspective is to place less emphasis on the Master Healer ability and focus primarily on Hostile Environment, raising the ability by three stages and almost guaranteeing the player to leave the attacked enemy with a status condition. This places the party in a good position to continue a barrage of attacks while the enemy team is left stunned, with Pikachu in the back pocket healing allies when needed.

Best Special Striker Build For Player/Pikachu In Pokemon Masters EX


On the other side of the coin, Pikachu can be a powerful striker when its Thunderbolt is optimized for ultimate damage. While this Pikachu pales in comparison to some of the best support sync pairs in Pokemon Masters EX, it can still be built to leave a mark and help newcomers advance in story mode.

This method will open up certain parts of each branch, focusing primarily on building up the Thunderbolt Power. Following this tree will leave players with a +32 increase, boosting the attack significantly and leaving some points left over to put some focus on abilities like Thunderbolt: Move Gauge Refresh 3, Thunderbolt: Hostile Environment 1, and several Power Reserves.

One idea places attention on the first two categories, building up MP and holding a chance at causing a status condition while landing a strong attack.

The second option places all the stock into the Power Reserves, raising up Power Reserves 5 and 9 to increase the damage output of Thunderbolt, while the remaining energy is given to Paralysis Synergy 5, a stat that boosts the damage dealt to an enemy with a status condition.

Pokemon Masters EX is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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