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Leigh is a games writer and content creator. His favourite series of all time is Tomb Raider, although his tastes are wide-ranging, from AAA franchises to indie weirdness. As well as Game Rant, he can be found writing the weekly gaming roundup for Geeky Brummie and making video essays on YouTube at Bobthepetferret. When not playing or writing about games, he can be found at his local cinema, in a DnD group or obsessively making Spotify playlists.

Forgotten 2000s Devs 1
9 Defunct Video Game Developers That Were Prolific During The 2000s

These video game developers were famous throughout the 2000s, but eventually fell into obscurity.

Canceled Games 1
6 Exciting Games That Were Canceled When Their Developers Closed Their Doors

Not all games make it to the public, and unfortunately, there have been plenty of exciting games that were cancelled due to developers closing

Horror Games About Curses 1
6 Best Horror Games About Curses

There are a lot of tropes in the horror genre, and curses tend to be the hardest, but thankfully these great games got it right

Tank Controls 1
9 Best Games With Tank Controls

Tank controls were a common control scheme in the 90s, and these are the best games with those controls

Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Beginner Tips 1
10 Beginner Tips For Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse

Players new to the Fatal Frame series may be a little lost when it comes to Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. These beginner tips should help.

Vampires Who Do Not Drink Blood 1
7 Video Game Vampires Who Do Not Drink Blood

Not all vampires are blood thirsty creatures that fans often know them by, some, like these examples, don't drink blood

Aging Protagonists 1
8 Video Games That Show Their Protagonists Aging

The passage of time is not often indicated by aging protagonists, except for in these unique games.

Biography Games 1
7 Games That Are Biographies

There are several genres to video games, even biographies that give players the reins on a real person's story.

Introverted Sega Characters 1
7 Most Iconic Introverted Sega Characters

Sega has its fair share of charming, introverted characters, and the following are the most memorable.

Mickey Mouse Games 1
9 Best Games That Let You Play As Mickey Mouse

These are some of the best games that let fans play as Mickey Mouse.

Square Enix Games Not In Franchises 1
10 Best Square Enix Games That Are Not Part Of A Franchise

Square Enix is best-known for its big Final Fantasy franchise, but the studio has produced brilliant non-franchise games as well.

final fantasy 10 tidus laugh 1
6 Things Final Fantasy 10 Does Better Than The Other Main Games

Considered one of the crown jewels of Square Enix's RPG franchise, Final Fantasy 10 excels in several things over the other main games.

Final Fantasy 9-1 1
6 Things Final Fantasy 9 Does Better Than The Other Main Games

FF9 might be showing its age, but Square Enix's ninth installment in its RPG franchise does do a few things better than the rest.

Hard to Complete Switch Games 1
7 Easy Switch Games That Are Absurdly Difficult to 100%

Though these Nintendo Switch games are easy at first glance, they're some of the hardest video games to fully complete.

PlayStation Vita 1
8 Things The PS Vita Did Better Than Most Other Handheld Consoles

PS Vita was ahead of its time in several ways. Here's how it excelled over other handheld consoles.

Persona 4 Golden 1
5 Things Persona 4 Golden Does Better Than Any Other Game in the Franchise

The debate over the best Persona game is an everlasting one, but most agree that the fourth installment got these elements just right.

Games Based on Darker Novels 1
6 Games Based On Much Darker Novels

Games are often inspiration of other forms of media, like novels, and these games are based on novels that are much darker that what's on screen

Game Shows 1
7 Great Games Based On Game Shows

These video games based on various game shows are a great way to pass the time with friends.

Children of Silentown 1
9 Dark Point And Click Adventure Games Like Children Of Silentown

Fans of Children of Silentown should enjoy these similarly dark and creepy point-and-click adventure games.

Sackboy A Big Adventure 1
Sackboy: A Big Adventure - 5 Easter Eggs Only LittleBigPlanet Fans Noticed

Only fans with the keenest of eyes will notice these easter eggs in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

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